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Foglight 5.9.2 - Upgrade Guide

Understand product versions Best practices Upgrade the Foglight Management Server Upgrade the Foglight Agent Manager Upgrade the Application Monitoring cartridges Upgrade the Database cartridges Upgrade the End User Management cartridges Upgrading the Infrastructure Management cartridges Upgrade the Integration cartridges Upgrade the cartridges in a federated or High Availability (HA) environment Appendix: Deploying an agent package using the browser interface

Transition FTR agents from the Foglight Client (SPID) to the Agent Manager

When you transition an FTR agent from the Foglight Client (SPID) to the Agent Manager, historical data is preserved and the data is continuous.

FTR agent host machines should run either all FTR Foglight Client agents or all FTR Agent Manager agents. While a combination of agents will function, Quest does not recommend such a configuration.

The previously published scripts are available to both the SPID and Agent Manager agents, but the defined script lists are not. However, when the EU-Core_<version>.car is installed, a new Agent Manager script list is created for any existing SPID script list when there is no existing Agent Manager script list with the same name. Any changes that are made to the SPID script list after the upgrade are not reflected in the new Agent Manager script list. The SPID script list and the Agent Manager script list are not connected. An Agent Manager version of the SPID script list is made only at the time the upgrade to Foglight for FTR is performed. Select the script list for the agent. The script list for an Agent Manager FTR agent does not have to have the same name as the script list used by the Foglight Client FTR agent it is replacing.

Once activated, the data from the new agent should merge seamlessly with the historical data.

Quest recommends that the existing Foglight Client FTR agents be retained and deactivated until you are satisfied that the new Agent Manager FTR agents are configured and running properly. That way, at any time, the Agent Manager agents can be deactivated and the Foglight Client agents reactivated.

Upgrade the Foglight Experience Monitor appliance

The latest version of the Foglight Experience Monitor appliance is version 5.7.0.

To upgrade Foglight Experience Monitor to the latest version, follow the instructions in the Foglight Experience Monitor Installation and Administration Guide.

The Foglight Experience Monitor Release Notes, which contain compatibility and other important information, are also available on our Support Portal.

Upgrade the Foglight Experience Viewer appliance

The latest version of the Foglight Experience Viewer is version 5.6.6. The Foglight Experience Viewer ships with a documentation bundle that includes the Foglight Experience Viewer Upgrade Field Guide. Follow the instructions in that document to upgrade to Foglight Experience Viewer to the latest version.


Upgrading the Infrastructure Management cartridges

This section explains how to upgrade an earlier version of an Infrastructure Management cartridge to the most current version. For details, refer to the following topics:

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