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Foglight Hybrid Cloud Manager 1.6 - User Guide (for AWS environments)

Configuring data collection interval

Foglight Hybrid Cloud Manager enables you to configure the interval for data collection using the Agent Status dashboard.

On the navigation panel, under Dashboards, select Administration > Agents > Agent Status.
On the Agent Status dashboard, select the AWS agent that you want to monitor, and then click Edit Properties.
The Edit Properties view opens.
Select True for Collect Memory Metric and Collect Volume Metric, and then specify a value for Collection Interval Offset.
Quest highly recommends setting the Collector Config (also knowns as Collection interval) to a value greater than 10 minutes. If the Collection interval is less than 10 minutes, AWS agent cannot collect metrics from AWS Cloud Watch as AWS Cloud Watch has a 10-minute delay. If you insist on setting this interval less than 10 minutes, ensure the following:
Collection Interval Offset must be set to a non-negative integer.
n represents the value of Collection Interval Offset.
I represents the value of Collector Config (in minutes).

Dashboard location and UI elements

After installing Foglight Hybrid Cloud Manager for AWS, the Cloud Manager entry appears under Homes.

To access the Cloud Manager dashboard:
On the navigation panel, under Homes, click Cloud Manager, and then click AWS.
The Cloud Manager dashboard opens.

The Cloud Manager dashboard consists of the following UI elements:

Group selector

The Group selector is located at the top of the dashboard and allows you to select the AWS environment that you want to monitor.

Figure 1. Group Selector

Actions bar

The actions bar at the top of the Cloud Manager dashboard contains the Monitoring Tab, the System Info Tab, the Tags Tab, the Report Tab, the Rule Configuration Tab, and the Administration Tab.

Figure 2. Actions bar

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