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Foglight Hybrid Cloud Manager 1.6 - User Guide (for AWS environments)

Excluded tab

The Excluded tab allows you to remove a VM from the list of excluded objects. The Excluded tab includes the following information:

To remove VMs from the list of Excluded objects, select the check boxes for these VMs and click Remove. To save any changes made to the Excluded settings, click Save at the bottom of the tab.

The Excluded tab can also be accesses by clicking Show Excluded Items on the Optimizer tab.


Cost Tab

Click Cost on the top of the Cloud Manager dashboard to navigate to the Cost tab.

NOTE: Ensure that you have configured the cost metrics for account through the Agent Properties dialog box; otherwise there will have no data displayed on this tab. For more information about how to configure cost metrics, refer to the “Configure Account Cost to Monitor:” step on page 47.
Figure 28. Cost tab

On the navigation panel, under Homes, click Cloud Manager.
The Cloud Manager dashboard opens.
Click Cost. The Cost tab opens on the bottom of Cloud Manager dashboard.
Click AWS.

Cost - Overview

The Cost-Overview includes the following elements:

Cost Summary: Displays the Total Month-to-date cost, and cost by Azure and AWS platforms.
Cost Overview: A stacked bar chart to display the Month-to-date Expenses and Forecast by Azure and AWS platforms.
Infrastructure: Displays an Infrastructure resource table across clouds.
Top 5 Business Units by Cost: Aggregates the total cost for Business Units after users assign the AWS accounts or Azure Subscriptions to a BU under Cost > Admin.
Cost Breakdown by Platforms: Displays the Month-to-date cost by Azure and AWS platforms.

Cost - AWS view

The Cost - AWS view includes the following elements:

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