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Foglight for OpenStack 5.7.4 - User Guide

Using Foglight for OpenStack Interacting with Foglight for OpenStack dashboards Reference

Navigation basics

This section describes the basic Foglight for OpenStack navigation techniques necessary for using Foglight for OpenStack:

Foglight browser interface elements

Depending on your user roles, you may see either the contents of the first bookmark (the Welcome page is the default) listed under Bookmarks, or a home page. For further details about roles, see the Foglight User Guide.

Typically, the browser interface is divided into three panels: the navigation panel on the left, the display area in the middle, and the action panel on the right.

Navigation panel

The navigation panel operates like a drawer. Its default state is open. To close the navigation panel, click the arrow at the far left of the Foglight for OpenStack browser interface. Click that arrow again to open the navigation panel.

The navigation panel lists all the dashboards that are available to the current user for viewing. You can use the navigation panel to select a dashboard to view in the display area. To access a specific dashboard, open the appropriate module (OpenStack Dependency, for example).

The navigation panel also provides access to the Foglight for OpenStack Administration and Configuration areas.

If you do not see any dashboards in the navigation panel, the user ID with which you signed in may not have been assigned to a group. For details, see the Foglight User Guide.

Display area

The display area is used to view current dashboards and reports, as well as to create dashboards and reports. You can increase the size of this area by resizing the navigation panel, or, if the action panel is open, by closing the action panel.

Figure 2. Display area

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