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Foglight for Integrations 5.9.8 - User Guide

Using Foglight for Integrations Reference

Filtering Configuration Items


A unique name of a Configuration Item.

Use Regex — use regular expressions.

Technology Monitor

The third-party system that sent the object.

Use Regex — use regular expressions.


The type of Configuration Item.

For example, Node, Interface, Database, and so on.

The filter is defaulted to Type=Node.

Use Regex — use regular expressions.


The status of the Configuration Item in the source system. The status can be either Active or Inactive.

Match effectiveStart Date

Date the Configuration Item was created.

From: date and time

To: date and time

For example, 5/30/08 and time 4:28:34.

Click the calendar icon to select dates.


If the entered Created date is not correct, you can select this check box to locate the earliest available date.

Current Date

Filter using the current date.

Deleting Configuration Items

On the navigation panel, under Dashboards, click Foglight > Servers > Foglight Data Management.
Under the Object of Interest column, click CI Model > ConfigurationItems to expand the list.
Click Delete on the corresponding row of a Configuration Item to delete the object and all related children.

Adding a Configuration Item to a Service

Click Add to Service.
Click Add.

Using the CI Model in Service Builder

The Service Builder dashboard provides the functions needed to create a service and edit existing services. When you create a service, a corresponding service level is automatically created. The Service Builder dashboard allows the user to group of one or more components.

Services are used as inputs on many other dashboards (Hosts Table, Agents) besides the Services dashboards, as well as in reports. Defining a good set of services can make other dashboards more useful and easier to understand.

For more information about how to create, edit, and remove services, see the Foglight User Guide.

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