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Foglight for Integrations 5.9.8 - User Guide

Using Foglight for Integrations Reference

Adding Configuration Item Properties

String — This value can include numeric characters, alphanumeric characters, and symbols
Integer — A whole number between the values of -2147483648 and 2147483647
Long — A whole number with a range larger than Integer
Float — A 32-bit floating point number
Double — A 64-bit floating point number
Optional — select the IS List check box if you want a property to allow multiple values. Clear the check box if you only want to allow one value.

Editing Alarm and Configuration Item Properties

Integration Samples

Integration samples are provided to you as supported samples for integration with Foglight. Other than documented customizations supplied with the samples, Dell does not support customization of the provided samples. Receiving alarms using Foglight for Integrations may have licensing requirements. Consult your Account Representative for details. Also, the source code for the samples is supplied for your convenience.

Receiving Alarms Samples

Quest supports receiving well-formed and valid XML data into Foglight for Integrations (according to the XSD found in the file). Quest does not support derivative works created from the provided samples to generate the XML data.

The following receiving samples are available:

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