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Foglight Evolve 6.0.0 - Foglight for Cloud Migration User Guide

Cloud Migration


The Migration view lists the virtual machines planned for migration and the migration statuses of the virtual machines.

The Migration view includes the following elements:

To access the Migration view:

On the navigation panel, under Dashboards, click Cloud Migration.
The Cloud Migration dashboard opens.
The Migration view appears at the bottom of the Cloud Migration dashboard.


Foglight for Cloud Migration supports migrate VMware virtual machines to Azure. With the help of Rapid Recovery, Foglight for Cloud Migration finds the best cloud tiers for virtual machines, and calls Rapid Recovery to migrate virtual machines to cloud.


Setup Rapid Recovery Server

Before migrating VMs to Azure cloud, set up a Rapid Recovery server.

Installing a Rapid Recovery server

For more information, see About installing the Rapid Recovery Core in Rapid Recovery 6.3 Installation and Upgrade Guide.

Setup a repository

Before protecting any machines, you must create a repository in a storage location designated for your Rapid Recovery Core. For information about repositories, see Understanding repositories in Rapid Recovery 6.3 User Guide.

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