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Foglight Evolve 6.0.0 - Foglight for Cloud Migration User Guide

Importing Cloud Models from Portal

The Import Cloud Models From Portal dialog box opens.
The Cloud Instance table refreshes automatically and imported Cloud instances are added into this table.

Exporting Cloud instances

Running Cloud Model

In the Cloud Model view, Select VMs to Model.
Set the following fields in Setting. See Settings for more information.
Select time range for analysis in the Average Analysis Period area.
Specify the values in the Performance vs Cost Saving area.
Select Model Type.
Set Resource Consumption.
Click Run Model.

Recommendation pane

The Recommendation pane locates on the bottom of the Cloud Model view. The default view is listed by Virtual Machine, which includes two sections:

Export as Excel: Click the button to export the model review result into an Excel file.
List by function: Click List by to sort the model review result by Virtual Machine or Instance Size.
List by Virtual Machine view is the default view. Shows the detailed information for the modeling VMs, including Protected Status, Cluster, Recommendation, Cloud, Region, Instance Size, Resource Consumption, and Cost Estimation.
Select the VMs and click Add to Migration Plan. Click Back will return to the Cloud Model view.
List by Instance Size view sorts the modeling VMs by different instance size. Clicking Review Model in Explore Outcome column, a Recommended Migration Review for the selected instance size view will be displayed.
Clicking View VMs outside of this model, a new page opens and shows the VMs that are not suitable for the proposed cloud options.
Clicking Start Over will return to the Cloud Model view.
Clicking Back will return to the List by Instance Size view.
Select the VMs and click Add to Migration Plan.
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