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Foglight Agent Manager 5.9.3 - Foglight Agent Manager Guide

Configuring the embedded Agent Manager Installing external Agent Managers
Understanding how the Agent Manager communicates with the Management Server Deploying the Agent Manager cartridge Downloading the Agent Manager installer Installing the Agent Manager Starting or stopping the Agent Manager process Frequently asked questions
Configuring the Agent Manager Advanced system configuration and troubleshooting
Configuring Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Configuring Windows Remote Management (WinRM) UNIX- and Linux-specific configuration
Monitoring the Agent Manager performance Deploying the Agent Manager to large-scale environments

Are the passwords that are stored in the configuration file, fglam.config.xml, encrypted?

Certain passwords that are specified (or stored) in the Agent Manager configuration file <fglam_home>/state/<state name>/config/fglam.config.xml are automatically encrypted when the Agent Manager restarts.

The passwords that are encrypted are the ones set as arguments for the proxy-pass, key-password, keystore-password, and truststore-password attributes in fglam.config.xml. These passwords are encrypted after you manually edit them in fglam.config.xml and then restart the Agent Manager.

The passwords stored as arguments for the key-password, keystore-password, and truststore-password attributes are also encrypted when you start an Agent Manager concentrator for the first time after configuring it to communicate with downstream instances using HTTPS. See Creating a secure connection with downstream instances for more information about this type of configuration.

In addition, you can specify the password that the Agent Manager uses when connecting to the Management Server using a proxy during or after the installation (using the Agent Manager configuration interface). This password is stored in an encrypted form in fglam.config.xml (as the argument for the proxy-pass attribute) when you start the Agent Manager after installation or restart after using the Agent Manager configuration interface. See Configuring Management Server URLs using the installer interface and Configuring Management Server URLs from the command line for more information about setting the proxy password through the Agent Manager installer or configuration interface.

How can I see what parameters are available for the silent installers?

You can see the list of parameters available for the silent Agent Manager installer by running the FglAM-<version>-<platform> command with the --help option.

Why are two URLs displayed for localhost when I search for HA peers?

If you specify a localhost address as the Management Server URL and then search for HA peers (while installing or configuring the Agent Manager), two URLs appear: one that shows the real machine name and one for localhost.

For example, you are installing the Agent Manager on server1, the same machine on which the Management Server is running. You type localhost and 8080 as the host name and port used by the Agent Manager to connect to the Management Server. After you search for HA peers, two URLs are listed: http://localhost:8080 and

I tested the connection between the Agent Manager and a Management Server, but the Management Server URL failed the connectivity test. Why did this happen?

There are several reasons why a Management Server (or Agent Manager concentrator) URL may fail the connectivity test, including the following:

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