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Foglight Agent Manager 5.9.3 - Foglight Agent Manager Guide

Configuring the embedded Agent Manager Installing external Agent Managers
Understanding how the Agent Manager communicates with the Management Server Deploying the Agent Manager cartridge Downloading the Agent Manager installer Installing the Agent Manager Starting or stopping the Agent Manager process Frequently asked questions
Configuring the Agent Manager Advanced system configuration and troubleshooting
Configuring Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Configuring Windows Remote Management (WinRM) UNIX- and Linux-specific configuration
Monitoring the Agent Manager performance Deploying the Agent Manager to large-scale environments

Adjusting the maximum polling interval

The Maximum Number of Polls (per minute) property sets the maximum number of polls that Foglight accepts from Agent Manager instances per minute.

In environments with a large number of Agent Manager instances, running Foglight® with the default value of 500 for Maximum Number of Polls (per minute) can increase Agent Manager communication latency to unacceptable levels.

If you are running a large number of Agent Manager instances in your environment, Quest recommends that you change the value of this property so that it is higher than 500 (the default value). Doing so increases the number of polls allowed per minute and decreases the maximum polling interval.

To adjust the Maximum Number of Polls (per minute) setting, in the Foglight browser interface, navigate to Administration > Agents > Agent Properties > FglAM > FglAMAdapter.


Advanced system configuration and troubleshooting

This contains platform-specific configuration information for configuring Foglight® Agent Manager on Windows® when using Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) or Windows Remote Management (WinRM) for remote monitoring access.

This also describes platform-specific instructions for configuring the Foglight Agent Manager on UNIX®.

Throughout this , “the agent” is used as a placeholder for any Foglight agent that encounters these issues.

Configuring Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)

To remotely monitor a Windows® machine, some Foglight® agents require access to the WMI services, and specifically to the WMIConnectionService. This section outlines potential issues that may be encountered by agents attempting to access WMI, and provides solutions or workarounds.

In order to access WMI, the user that the monitoring agent connects as must have sufficient credentials. Any user included in the Administrator group on the monitored machine already has the required access levels. For more information, see Minimum requirements for Windows Management Instrumentation.

There are several OS and environment-specific issues that may arise when using a Foglight agent to monitor a Windows machine remotely. This section provides solutions for the following issues:

WMI IPv6 connection support

Starting with the Foglight Agent Manager version 5.9.1, the WMI connection with unique local IPv6 Address and link-local IPv6 Address is supported on the Agent Manager running on Windows, Linux, and Solaris.

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