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ControlPoint 8.8.1 - for Office 365 Administration Guide

Preface The ControlPoint Configuration Site Managing Your Farm List Managing Your ControlPoint License Updating the ControlPoint Scheduler Windows Job Setting Up ControlPoint Services Using Discovery to Collect Information for the ControlPoint Database Cache Using Sensitive Content Manager Services Preparing Your Environment for Using ControlPoint Sentinel Registering and Re-registering the ControlPoint Online App for Modern Authentication Running ControlPoint Online Operations Using PowerShell Modifying ControlPoint Configuration Settings
Changing Default Settings for Actions and Analyses Changing Default Settings to Improve Application Performance Changing Settings to Improve Discovery Performance Changing Default Settings for Navigation Changing Trace Switch Logging Levels Changing Default Settings for Compliance Managing Site Provisioning Settings Setting Preferences for the ControlPoint Scheduler Changing Settings for Anomalous Activity Detection Miscellaneous and Custom Configuration Settings Special-Purpose Configuration Settings ControlPoint Online-Specific Settings

Installation Log (xcControlPoint.log)

The following installation log files are located on the machine on which ControlPoint was installed for the farm, in the directory C:\Program Files\Metalogix\ControlPoint Online\ControlPointFeatures\Logs:

·RollingAppenderDebugInfo  tracks the progress of the installation.

·RollingAppenderWarnErrorFatal.txt and log.txt record errors encountered during the installation.

ControlPoint Administration Log (xcAdmin.log)


·is the log file where the following information is recorded:

§ControlPoint application errors

§the progress of both nightly and interactive Discovery jobs, and

·is accessible from the machine on which ControlPoint was installed for the farm, in the following directory: C:\Program Files\Metalogix\ControlPoint Online\Layouts\Axceler\Log

ControlPoint Web Config File (web.config)


·is the configuration file for the Web application that hosts the ControlPoint Configuration Site Collection, and

·is located on the server where ControlPoint Online is installed in the folder C:\Program Files\Metalogix\ControlPoint Online\LAYOUTS\Axceler

Note that any changes to the web.config file will cause a restart of the application pool for the Web application that hosts ControlPoint Configuration Site Collection.


I am Continually Prompted to Log Into ControlPoint but the Login Never Completes


With Internet Explorer or Edge, when attempting to log into ControlPoint using Modern Authentication, either for the first time or after the browser session expires, I am continually prompted to log in but the login never completes successfully.


This issue does not occur with Chrome.  However, if you want to continue to use Internet Explorer or Edge, use the information in the following table to resolve the issue.

If you are using ...

Then ...

Internet Explorer

change Internet Options > Security options as follows:

1Add to the Trusted Sites.

2Add the ControlPoint URL to the Trusted Sites.

3Change the Custom Level as follows:

a)Select Local Intranet.

b)Click [Custom level...].

c)Enable the Websites in less privileged web content zone can navigate into this zone option.


upgrade to the latest version of Edge.

NOTE:  This is a Microsoft Known Issue.

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