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ControlPoint 8.8.1 - for Office 365 Administration Guide

Preface The ControlPoint Configuration Site Managing Your Farm List Managing Your ControlPoint License Updating the ControlPoint Scheduler Windows Job Setting Up ControlPoint Services Using Discovery to Collect Information for the ControlPoint Database Cache Using Sensitive Content Manager Services Preparing Your Environment for Using ControlPoint Sentinel Registering and Re-registering the ControlPoint Online App for Modern Authentication Running ControlPoint Online Operations Using PowerShell Modifying ControlPoint Configuration Settings
Changing Default Settings for Actions and Analyses Changing Default Settings to Improve Application Performance Changing Settings to Improve Discovery Performance Changing Default Settings for Navigation Changing Trace Switch Logging Levels Changing Default Settings for Compliance Managing Site Provisioning Settings Setting Preferences for the ControlPoint Scheduler Changing Settings for Anomalous Activity Detection Miscellaneous and Custom Configuration Settings Special-Purpose Configuration Settings ControlPoint Online-Specific Settings

Changing the Subject and/or Body of Anomalous Activity Detection Emails

When a ControlPoint Sentinel Anomalous Activity Rule specifies that an email alert be sent when an Anomalous Activity Limit has been exceeded, ControlPoint automatically sends an email for the to the appropriate user(s).

ControlPoint Application Administrators can, however, modify the default subject and/or body text, as described in the following table.

If you want to change the text of the ...

Then change the Parameter of the ControlPoint Setting ....

From the default text...

email Subject

Subject Line for ControlPoint Anomalous activity Detection email
(AADActivityLevelEmail Subject)

ControlPoint Anomalous activity Detection.

email body

ControlPoint Anomalous activity Detection Email Message



@@UserName@@ has exceeded the personal daily activity limit of @@limit@@ by @@overage@@.


Where the following variables are used:

·@@UserName@@ is the account name of the user who has exceeded his/her daily activity limit

·@@limit@@ is the daily activity limit characterized by ControlPoint Sentinel

·@@overage@@ is the amount by which the user has exceeded the activity limit for that day.


Miscellaneous and Custom Configuration Settings

These configuration settings display in the ControlPoint Settings list under the category Miscellaneous and Custom.Manually or Silently Installing ControlPoint

SQL Server Connection String for xcAdmin Database (xcAdminConnectionString)

The ControlPoint Setting SQL Sever Connection String for xcAdmin Database is populated at the time ControlPoint is installed, based on the SQL server identified as the location for the ControlPoint Services Database.  

Config Setting xcAdminConnectionString

The xcAdminConnectionString Value should be modified only under rare and special circumstances (for example, if the location of the ControlPoint Services database or the authentication method for connecting to the database has changed).  

IMPORTANT: Currently,  if you need to modify the connection string,  you will need to update the parameter <connectionStrings>  in the CPConfiguration.exe.config file on the machine where ControlPoint Online is installed (located by default in the directory C:\Program Files\Metalogix\ControlPoint Online\ControlPointFeatures).  If you update the SQL Server Connection String for xcAdmin Database setting directly, it will be overwritten the next time you upgrade ControlPoint.  However, the setting will reflect any changes made in the config file.

Url for ControlPoint Outside the Default Zone (INBOUNDCONTROLPOINTURL)

When ControlPoint is first installed, the ControlPoint Setting Inbound ControlPoint URL is populated with the value http://<MACHINENAME>:<portnumber> where MACHINENAME is the name of the server on which ControlPoint is installed and <portnumber> is the port number used for the ControlPoint Web application.

If an alternate access mapping or SSL is used to access ControlPoint, this default URL will continue to be used to access another ControlPoint page from within the the application.


ControlPoint Application can, however, ensure that the alternate URL is used instead by specifying it as the value of the ControlPoint Setting Inbound ControlPoint URL.

NOTE:  This is an Advanced Setting.


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