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Change Auditor 7.1.1 - Installation Guide

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Quest GPOADmin Integration

GPOADmin uses a proxy account (service account) to connect and change Active Directory objects and group policies. In past releases, Change Auditor only captured the service account name in the event details for changes initiated through GPOADmin. GPOADmin now integrates with Change Auditor and allows the name of the user who initiated the GPOADmin operation and comments to display in the Change Auditor client.

This appendix covers the following topics for GPOADmin integrations:


GPOADmin and Change Auditor integration process

Some GPOADmin events recorded by Change Auditor have the initiator name in the event. The initiator is the name of the account logged in to the GPOADmin client performing actions in GPOADmin. However, the initiator name is not always populated due to how the GPO is processed in Active Directory.

The following is a high-level overview of typical Change Auditor events recorded when modifying a GPO using GPOADmin:

Client components added to Change Auditor

You can view initiator information retrieved from GPOADmin on the Search Results page in the Change Auditor client. You can use the following to display this additional information:

A Source field is available in the Event Details pane that displays the name of the application from which the change event was generated (such as, Change Auditor, Active Roles, or GPOADmin). In addition, for change events generated by GPOADmin or Active Roles, the name of the user account that initiated the change is displayed in parenthesis.

A built-in report is available that retrieves events for all Active Directory changes, including those initiated by GPOADmin and Active Roles. The search definition for this report also includes the initiator information (Initiator UserName and EventSource columns) in the search results.

Expand and select the Shared | Built-in | All Events folder to display the built-in searches available.
Locate the All Active Directory Events Including ActiveRoles/GPOADmin Initiator search and use one of the following methods to run the selected search:

Columns are added to the database to record the information retrieved from GPOADmin or Active Roles. These columns are not displayed by default on a Search Results page for most searches. However, using the Layout tab you can add the following information to all searches:

EventSource - for all events, the name of the application from which the event was generated (i.e., Change Auditor, Active Roles, or GPOADmin).
Initiator Mail - for events generated by GPOADmin or Active Roles, the email address of the user that initiated the change.
Initiator SID - for events generated by GPOADmin or Active Roles, the SID of the user that initiated the change.
Initiator UserName - for events generated by GPOADmin or Active Roles, the name of the user that initiated the change.
Locate the new columns (EventSource, Initiator Mail, Initiator SID, and/or Initiator UserName) in the Unselected Columns table.

When using the Who tab to retrieve change events initiated by a specific user, changes initiated by GPOADmin will not automatically be included in the search. A check is available in the Who tab which instructs Change Auditor to retrieve all change events initiated by the specified user, including those made through GPOADmin.

Click New to enable the Search Properties tabs.
On the Who tab, click Add to add an active user, computer or group to the ‘who’ list.
After selecting one or more directory objects, click Select to save your selection and close the dialog.
Back on the Who tab, select the Include Event Source Initiator check box.
In addition, when this check box is selected the Initiator UserName column is added to the Search Results grid for this search. For events initiated by GPOADmin, this column contains the user account that was logged into the GPOADmin console.

The following email tags are available which can be added to the event details of alert email notifications:

See the Change Auditor User Guide for more information on how to configure and enable email notifications and customize email content.

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