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Change Auditor 7.1.1 - Installation Guide

Installation Overview Install Change Auditor Add Users to Change Auditor Security Groups Connecting to the Clients Deploy Change Auditor Agents Upgrade Change Auditor Installation Notes and Best Practices Multi-Forest Deployments Foreign Forest Agent Deployment Workstation Agent Deployment Agent Comparison Install an agent to audit ADAM (AD LDS) on workgroup servers Active Roles Integration Quest GPOADmin Integration Windows Installer Command Line Options

Deploying agents to a foreign forest

From this list, select an entry and select Credentials | Set to enter the proper user credentials for installing agents on the selected domain.
If you select the When option, enter the date and time when you want the deployment task to initiate. Click OK to initiate or schedule the deployment task.
Back on the Deployment page, the Agent Status column displays ‘Pending’ and the When column displays the date and time specified.
NOTE: To cancel a pending deployment task, select the server or workstation and then click Install or Upgrade. On the Install or Upgrade dialog, click Clear Pending.
As agents are successfully connected to the coordinator, the corresponding Deployment Result cell displays ‘Success’, the Agent Status cell displays ‘Active’ and a desktop notification displays in the lower right-hand corner of your screen.
NOTE: To deactivate these desktop notifications, select Action | Agent Notifications.

Installing agents in a foreign forest

Select This agent connects to a coordinator in a foreign forest.
Click Next to begin the installation.

Connecting to a different foreign forest/updating credentials

Once the agent is installed, you can select to use a different coordinator in another domain or update the credentials

You can update the domain and required credentials:

Right-clicking the agent SysTray and selecting Coordinator Credential Configurator.

Example deployment scenario

The following diagram shows two separate forests where Change Auditor will be deployed. Forest A is deployed first and then Forest B is added.

Option 1: Deploying agents to a foreign forest through the Change Auditor client

Option 2: Installing agents manually in a foreign forest

When prompted, select the This agent connects to a coordinator in a foreign forest option.
Click Install.
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