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Change Auditor 7.1.1 - Installation Guide

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Event flow

Recorded audit events are first queued in a local database on each agent computer. Events are then batched and forwarded to a coordinator. The coordinator checks for new events every 10 seconds and does a bulk insert of the event details to the SQL database.

Reports and queries from the client

Change Auditor clients do not connect directly to the SQL database. Instead, the coordinator to which the client is connected processes search results and change requests. Clients can connect to any coordinator if the logged on user is a member of either the ChangeAuditor Administrators — <InstallationName> or the ChangeAuditor Operators — <InstallationName> group in the respective forest.

By default, user-configured alerts (SMTP, SNMP, and WMI) are generated and sent from the first installed coordinator in the Change Auditor installation.

Foreign Forest Agent Deployment

If required, agents running on a domain-joined server, domain controller, or workstation can connect to coordinators in a foreign Active Directory forest.

NOTE: Currently, this type of deployment has limited support (see Supported functionality for details). For full support, you need to deploy a coordinator to each monitored forest as described in Multi-Forest Deployments.

This section provides recommendations for deploying agents in a foreign forest, the level of auditing and protection that is supported, and the steps required to deploy agents to remote forests.

Supported functionality

The support available for agents connected to a foreign forest includes the following:

Table 5.  



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