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Benchmark Factory for Database 8.3 - User Guide

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About Scripts

Benchmark Factory provides scripting capabilities known as BFScripts. This feature allows you to customize and randomize the load testing process by using scripts and a number of built-in functions.

The built-in functions are formulas that take one or more values (arguments), perform an operation, and return a value that simulates real-world user activity. These functions can be used alone or as building blocks for creating complex user activity.  Randomized data is important when attempting to simulate real-world user activity because data that is random prevents a server from using data stored in its cache.

In the Benchmark Factory console, fields with a yellow background allow you to insert BFScripts. To learn how to use scripts, see BFScript Wizard.

The following is a list of available scripts/functions:

Category Script/  Function

Dates and Numbers





File Access


Global Variables




Name and Address














Numerical Manipulation




Random Numbers





Random Strings







String Manipulation













Test Info














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