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Benchmark Factory for Database 8.0 - User Guide

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Run vs Userload Tab

The Run vs. Userload tab in the Results page compares the user load transaction against the selected data point allowing you to view how the various data points are being affected by the job running.

To view Run Vs. Userload tab testing results:

  1. While the job is running, select the Run vs. Userload tab on the Results page.
  1. Click the data points Vs. Userload drop-down and select the desired data point.

The graph updates with the selected data point.

  1. To change graph views, right-click. See Change Graph Views for more information.

Transaction vs Load Tab

The Transactions vs Load tab in the Results page displays user selected transactions statistics for the job timing period following completion of an iteration.

To view the Real-time statistics

  1. In the Jobs View, click the job running.


  1. Click the data points Vs. Userload drop-down.

  1. Select the desired data points to view.
  2. To change graph views, right-click. A drop-down displays.  
  3. Select the desired option.

Changing Graph View

Right-clicking on a Benchmark Factory graph displays a drop-down that allows you to customize graph settings. Whether you are viewing a real-time graph or one in Benchmark Factory Run Reports, Benchmark Factory uses the same graphing tool. In most cases you will find that the graphs are presented in the most meaningful form (Line Graphs or Bar Graphs based on the data being presented.)

Displays Benchmark Factory Run Reports


Shows in a data form or graph form

Displays the Graph Legend

Displays the graph toolbar

Prints the graph

Copies Data to Clipboard

Copies Graph to Clipboard

Loads a saved graph configuration

Saves a graph configuration

Sets the current configuration as default

Clears the current chart configuration

Show Data/Show Graph

Toggling to Graph displays the data in graph form.


Graph Legend

Toggling to Graph Legend displays a legend on the side of the graph.


Toggling to Toolbar displays the graph toolbar.


Choosing Print displays the Print Dialog.

Copy Data to Clipboard

Copies the data to the clipboard.

Copy Graph to Clipboard

Copies the graph to the clipboard.

Load Configuration

Benchmark factories graphs allows you to save graph configurations.

Save Configuration

Saves a graph configuration.

Set as Default

Sets a configured graph as default.

Clear Configuration

Clears a graph configuration.                              

View Test Results - Completed Job

After a job is finished running, you can view a summary of test results in the Results page. Use the Compare Results page to compare different test runs.

See also, View Test Results - Running Job.

To view results after job completion

  1. Select a job in the Jobs View pane.
  2. The Results page displays.
  3. Click to show all test runs.
  4. Select a run to review a summary of test results. Review the following for additional information:

    Click to export test results to Word from one or more selected runs.
    Click to export test results to Excel from one or more selected runs.
    Click to export the selected run's test results as a zip file. The zip file contains an XML file and other files required to reproduce the test results.
    Click to import test results from a zip file exported from Benchmark Factory.
    Click to view one or more selected test run results in Run Reports. Run Reports provides more-detailed test results.
    Sets the selected run as the baseline. This allows you to easily compare other run results against this baseline. Click Reset Baseline to clear baseline selection.

Compare Results

You can use the Compare Results tab to compare test results between selected test runs, or to compare results to the baseline test run.

To compare results

  1. Select a job in the Jobs View pane.
  2. The Results page displays.
  3. Select the Compare Results tab.
  4. In the top grid, use Ctrl+Click to select the test runs to compare. The selected test runs display in the Run Comparison grid.

    You can use the links above the top grid to filter the list of test runs to display.

  5. Select the Automatically compare to baseline checkbox to always compare the selected run to the baseline.
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