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Archive Manager 5.9.1 - Installation and Configuration Guide for Exchange

Deployment considerations for Exchange System requirements Hardware recommendations Pre-installation preparations Installing and configuring Archive Manager Upgrading/Uninstalling Archive Manager Post-installation tasks Appendix A: Attachment store types

Full Text Search (FTS)

Full Text Search Cache Time: Determines the length of time, in minutes, that a Full Text Index search on the body of a message or attachment will be cached after it runs. The default value is 60 (minutes). The cache lets a user re-run the same search within the Cache Time limit, obtaining the same results, but much faster than if the search were re-run from scratch.
Full Text Max Results: The maximum number of results that the FTS service retrieves. The default value is 5000.


WWW Page Size: Determines the number of search results displayed on a single page. The default is 20. This setting affects the entire instance and is not customizable per user.
WWW Show Source Properties: Enables or disables the website to show the source properties of a message. The default value is False.
Include Sub Folders By Default: Determines whether to include the sub folders by default when searching messages or attachments. The default value is False.
WWW Show SendToMe Button Only: If it’s set to True, the toolbar buttons Reply, Reply to All and Forward will be hidden when you view a message on the website. The default value is False.
EnableRemoteMailBoxDelegation: Enables or disables the website page where users can configure delegation of hosted mailboxes. The default value is False.

Upgrading/Uninstalling Archive Manager

Upgrading Archive Manager

When upgrading Archive Manager, please refer to the release notes for information on supported upgrade versions.

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