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Archive Manager 5.9.1 - Installation and Configuration Guide for Exchange

Deployment considerations for Exchange System requirements Hardware recommendations Pre-installation preparations Installing and configuring Archive Manager Upgrading/Uninstalling Archive Manager Post-installation tasks Appendix A: Attachment store types


AfterMail URL: Sets Archive Manager website URL. This field should be auto filled by Configuration Console. If you have changed the website URL by IIS, change this setting accordingly.
CACHE TIME: The time in minutes to keep the message and attachment search result in cache. The default value is 30 (minutes).
CommandTimeout: The maximum time in seconds to execute a command. The default value is 600 (seconds).
Hosted Server Proxy Credentials Password Validity Days: The default password validity period of proxy credentials for hosted mail servers. This setting applies to the proxy credentials without an expiration date specified when added. The default value is 80 (days).
Enable Delegate View Message: This setting enables users to view messages in Archive Manager without permission check. When it is set to True, for example, a message that was originally forwarded as an attachment to a user will be visible in Archive Manager and can be opened by the user. The default value is False.

Archive Manager Database

CleanUpTime: Deletes all of the old temporary "scratch" tables that the program generates for searches and other functions. The script defaults to running at 12:01:01 a.m. every day. This time is configurable. Since the Retention Engine also uses temporary tables, the CleanUp script should not be run at the same time as the Retention Engine. Most administrators choose to run the CleanUp script before the Retention Engine, which may occasionally run for prolonged time periods.


Autodiscover is used to automatically configure a MAPI profile to connect to Exchange 2013 or later versions. By default, Archive Manager uses the internal client configuration for connections to Exchange 2013 or later versions.

Autodiscover Use External Mailbox Server: To use Autodiscover's external client configuration, set this setting to True.
Autodiscover Override Settings: Use this configuration setting if you want to override the Autodiscover response with user-defined values. This is useful for customers Basic Authentication. For example: AuthPackage=NTLM;;ProxyAuthScheme=NTLM
Autodiscover Prefer Mapi over Http: Checks if MAPI over HTTP is enabled, and if enabled, tries to connect using MAPI over HTTP. The default value is False. When Exchange 2013 SP1 or later versions works with Outlook 2019 or Outlook 2013 SP1 (32-bit, with KB3114941 and KB4022169 installed), and MAPI over HTTP is enabled on both ends, this setting must be set to True.

Active Directory Connector (ADC)

Directory Connector Timer Interval: Sets the number of seconds that the Archive Manager ADC Service will stop before running again.The default value is 7200 (seconds).
Directory Connector Add Email Address To MailBox: Links the email addresses from Active Directory to the mailbox accounts in Archive Manager. The default value is False.
Directory Connector Import Mailbox Permissions: Imports customer-defined groups and user permissions to Archive Manager. The default value is False.
Directory Connector Disable Enable Store Manager Update: Disables or enables mailbox Store Manager when ADC is synchronizing. The default value is False (disabled).
Directory Connector Disable Update Names: Disables updating mailbox names when ADC is synchronizing. The default value is False (enabled).
Directory Connector Deactivate Legacy Logins: Disables legacy logins if they have the same domain, account or email address with the ones of new logins.The default value is True.
Directory Connector Cleanup Resource Logins: Cleans up logins for the linked mailboxes in resource forest. The default value is False.
Max Enable Store Manager MailBox Count Per O365 MailServer: The maximum number of the mailboxes that have enabled Store Manager for each Office 365 mail server. The default value is 1000. For more information about the Office 365 mail server. see the Mail servers section in the Administration Guide.
Directory Connector UnSync Azure AD User LoginName Prefixes: Filters out the users that will not be synchronized to the Archive Manager database by their name’s prefix. The default value is “DiscoverySearchMailbox;SystemMailbox_;Sync_;Exchange_Online;FederatedEmail.;Migration.;HealthMailbox”.
Directory Connector with GroupWise Mailbox: When set to True, it tells ADC to fetch all the logins with an email address. Set this to True when you have GroupWise associated with Active Directory. The default value is False.
Directory Connector Identify Hosted Mailbox By Email Address: This setting works in a hosted Exchange environment. When set to True, it tells ADC to identify mailboxes by email address. This will not create mailbox records for duplicated email addresses even if their object UIDs are different. Please make sure that no duplicated email address exists in your organization. The default value is True.
Directory Connector Sync EmailAddress From: This setting works for on-premises AD only. It specifies the AD property where ADC synchronizes email address from. The property you specify must be of string type. The default value is proxyAddresses.
Max days to Cache MailBox Password: The maximum days to cache hosted Exchange mailbox’s password. The default value is 5 (days).
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