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vRanger 7.8.5 - Integration Guide for Quest QoreStor

Displaying Cleaner statistics

Performing scheduled disk space reclamation operations are recommended as a method for recovering disk space from system containers in which files were deleted as a result of deduplication. The best method is to schedule a time when you can run the Cleaner on your QoreStor system with no other planned processes running. Alternately, another method lets the Cleaner process run whenever it determines that there are no active data ingests.

On the navigation menu, click System Configuration .In the Cleaner Schedule pane, click Edit Schedule.
For remaining days, edit the Start Time and End Time to set the Cleaner window.
Click Submit.

Quest recommends that you do not schedule the running of any Cleaner operations during the same time period when replication or ingest operations are running. Failure to follow this practice affects the time required to complete the system operations and impacts your QoreStor performance.

Displaying Cleaner statistics

To display additional Cleaner statistics, you can use the QoreStor CLI stats --cleaner command to show Cleaner statistics.

For more information about QoreStor CLI commands, see the Quest QoreStor Command Line Reference Guide.

Monitoring performance

The Dashboard page contains graphics that show key information about the current state of your QoreStor

instance. This page automatically refreshes every 30 seconds.

Click Dashboard in the navigation menu of the QoreStor GUI.
Physical Capacity—displays total used space, free space, and used and encrypted space in GBs and TBs.
Storage Savings—displays a total savings in percentage (combining both deduplication and compression) over a time period (for example, every hour, which is the default).
Throughput—displays the throughput volume (reads and writes) in Mebibytes/second (MiB/s) based on time (for example, every hour, which is the default).
System Usage—displays information about memory and CPU usage.
Network Interfaces—displays performance information for the configured NICs
Number of RDA Connections—displays information about the number of RDA connections made to the QoreStor server.
Cleaner status—The current cleaner status as one of the following states:
Pending—displayed when there is any scheduled window set and the current time is outside the scheduled window for the Cleaner operation.
Running—displayed when the Cleaner operation is running during a scheduled window.
Idle—displayed only if there is no Cleaner operation running during a scheduled window.
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