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Toad for Oracle 17.0 - Release Notes

Resolved Issues

The following is a list of issues addressed and enhancements implemented in this release of Toad for Oracle.

Toad for Oracle 17.0 Patch 1

The following list of resolved issues includes issues received from the Toad for Oracle forum, Toad Beta users, and exception data collected from the Toad Improvement Program.

Issue ID Link to Forum Post Resolved Issue

Script Manager: Access Violation occurs when running scripts in 64-bit Toad.

TOR-7681 link

Toad for Oracle on Mac: Animation on the Script Execution dialog looks bad.


Toad for Oracle on Mac: "Task Manager not running" error on startup.


Toad for Oracle on Mac: Compiling a Team Coding controlled object in the Editor using shortcut (F9) results in endless loop.

TOR-7684 link

Toad for Oracle on Mac: Cannot drag/drop files from Finder to Editor.


Alter Database Link: Incorrect username for connection is shown.


Editor Options: The Tab stop setting is not being saved when Toad closes.

TOR-7694 link

Editor: The Navigator tree scrolls each time it refreshes.

TOR-7704 link

Toad for Oracle on Mac: Find Next (F3) does not work properly if the find dialog is not showing.

TOR-7705 link

Toad for Oracle on Mac: Grid lines are invisible in some windows.


Schema Browser: "Invalid table name" error is raised when generating scripts for Tables, Views, and Materialized Views for users lacking the SELECT ANY DICTIONARY privilege.


Import Table Data: Importing from a Fixed Field Width file raises an incorrect error regarding field size and nothing is imported.


Automation Designer: Upgrading from Toad for Oracle 16.3 to 17.0 raises an error at startup for ToadActions.dat if the 16.3 datafile contains a Data Pump Import action.


Debugger: "Invalid Oracle Home" error is raised when debugging if the session is made without a client and no clients are installed.

TOR-7718 link

Toad for Oracle on Mac: Cannot save BLOB data from the data grid BLOB editor.


Toad for Oracle on Mac: Poor font quality.


Login Window: LDAP dropdown list is slow to load when in clientless mode.


Toad for Oracle on Mac: CAPS lock can get out of sync.


Toad for Oracle on Mac: The TNS_ADMIN location is not as apparent as it could be.


TNSNAMES Editor: Adding a new service is nonfunctional.

Toad for Oracle 17.0

The following list of resolved issues includes issues received from the Toad for Oracle forum, Toad Beta users, and exception data collected from the Toad Improvement Program.

Issue ID Link to Forum Post Resolved Issue

Editor: "Refactor > Remove Subqueries" generates invalid SQL when aggregate functions are present

TOR-6414 link

Data Grids: Strings exceeding the width of the control do not show a trailing ellipsis

TOR-7086 link

Triggers: Incorrect DDL is generated for disabled triggers containing a header comment and a WHEN clause

TOR-7087 link

Login: When grouped by multiple columns, deleting records from an expanded group collapses all other expanded groups

TOR-7089 link

Session Browser: Locks tab does not select the top row following a refresh

TOR-7101 link

Schema Browser: Favorites folder cannot be renamed

TOR-7102 link

Schema Browser: Scheduler Job script is invalid when the job has unnamed arguments

TOR-7103 link

Alter Tablespace: Maximum size is changed to UNLIMITED in some cases

TOR-7112 link

Generate Schema/Database Script: IN MEMORY and COMPRESSION options are ignored


Session Browser: Selected row in the Open Cursors tab changes after activating a different tab and returning to Open Cursors


Insert Table Data: Some rows are not imported following a constraint violation when the "Use Array DML" option is checked

TOR-7133 link

Workspaces: Unicode characters in the Editor are lost

TOR-7134 link

Schema Browser: Scheduler Job run log throws an error on Oracle database 10g Release 1

TOR-7135 link

Export Dataset: Auto detection of schema doesn't work with a SELECT from a table across a database link containing a '.' in its name

TOR-7176 link

Schema Browser: Sending a trigger to the Editor ignores the Editor option to exclude schema name when loading objects

TOR-7178 link

Code Insight: Results not shown when invoked within SQL containing a subquery.


Subscription Licensing: An Access Violation occurs after upgrading Toad in some cases

TOR-7185 link

Schema Browser: Incorrect script is generated for tablespaces that are encrypted, but not compressed

TOR-7195 link

Schema Browser: Rebuild Table window does not allow new columns having a name longer than 30 characters on Oracle database 12g Release 2 and newer


Automation Designer: Execute Script action fails if the output file or path contains variables


Team Coding: The Team Coding Browser VCS tab hangs when using Azure DevOps Services (TFVC)

TOR-7210 link

Data Grids: Sorting a column no longer focuses the sort direction radio group by default

TOR-7211 link

Change Password: ORA-00922 is raised when changing password if a password verify function has been configured


Data Grids: The columns dropdown on the Filter tab of the Filter/Sort Data dialog is not wide enough to show long column names

TOR-7232 link

Editor: The prompt to reload files modified externally is shown even after choosing "Yes to All" at the initial prompt and then deactivating and activating Toad

TOR-7233 link

Team Coding: The compare dialog does not show Unicode characters

TOR-7237 link

Trace File Browser: The modified date of some files is not displayed

TOR-7240 link

Trace File Browser: Poor contrast when using a dark color scheme


Editor: Refactor | Resolve Package Constants does not work for SQL containing a single package constant reference

TOR-7262 link

Code Insight: Very slow filtering of results while typing in some cases

TOR-7264 link

Code Analysis: SQL Scan does not work when using proxy user authentication

TOR-7266 link

Data Grids: Popup Editor throws a "Cannot modify a read-only dataset" error when formatting text

TOR-7274 link

Data Grids: Using the DEL key to clear a cell throws an "Invalid value for field" error when the column has a foreign key

TOR-7319 link

TNSNames Editor: Some parameters within the SECURITY section are unsupported


Color Schemes: Schemes are not fully applied to SQL Recall after changing the color scheme and restarting Toad


Compare Schemas: Schema name is excluded in the sync script if the "Include Schema in Migration DDL" and "Format before comparison" options are both checked

TOR-7349 link

Script Execution: The SQL feedback text is formatted poorly or incorrect with some statements

TOR-7358 link

Code Insight: PL/SQL objects are not shown in the list in some cases.

TOR-7376 link

Explain Plan: Toad sometimes connects to the wrong RAC instance when the "Separate session" for Explain Plan option is set

TOR-7408 link

Automation Designer: Export Dataset action changes the file extension of the results file in some cases

TOR-7409 link

Color Schemes: The selected node in some tree views is difficult to see with some color schemes

TOR-7410 link

Schema Browser: The left side navigator does not update its selected node to reflect the caret position after searching for text in the Script tab of a package


Team Coding: Access Violation occurs after dropping materialized views

TOR-7424 link

Schema Browser: The generated script for Materialized View is incorrect when the "Add to refresh group" option is checked in the script generation options


Editor: The automatic backup feature does not clean up stale files and references which can lead to Access Violations and general performance issues in time


Test Connections: An Access Violation can occur when closing the dialog immediately after testing connections

TOR-7480 link

Automation Designer: FTP action does not observe variables in filenames to download


Schema Browser: The right side/detail view when selecting a table is scaled incorrectly in same cases when using high-definition resolutions


Import Table Data: Access Violation occurs when importing from CSV files having fields with more than 32k bytes of data


DB Health Check: Bad results are generated for the "Foreign Keys with mix of nullable and not nullable columns" option

Toad for Oracle 16.3

The following list of resolved issues includes issues received from the Toad for Oracle forum, Toad Beta users, and exception data collected from the Toad Improvement Program.

Issue ID Link to Forum Post Resolved Issue
TOR-540 link Code Insight: Assistance is not provided when invoked after an unmatched parenthesis.
TOR-1300 link Code Insight: Join conditions are inserted incorrectly when the condition partially exists in the text.
TOR-6535 link Team Coding: Filter exclusions are not working completely.
TOR-6537 Find Dialog: Incorrect messaging when a match is not found in some cases.
TOR-6545 Team Coding: Merging a table that is out of sync causes data loss.
TOR-6550 link Editor: A file split over multiple tabs incorrectly prompts to reload the file when editing, saving, and then switching to another tab for the same file.
TOR-6551 Auto Optimize SQL: Invalid password message is seen for globally authenticated users.
TOR-6552 link Automation Designer: The Execute Script action does not support collection of DBMS OUTPUT.
TOR-6558 link Schema Browser: The Jobs, Script tab uses DBMS IJOB when the connection lacks privileges on it.
TOR-6573 Trace File Browser: Incomplete results when loading a multipart trace file.
TOR-6574 Editor: Executing a "ROLLBACK TO savepoint" also executes a generic ROLLBACK.
TOR-6597 link Toad Command Line Script Runner: Fatal Error occurs when the current working directory is not the directory containing tsr.exe.
TOR-6602 link Compare Schemas: Comparing a snapshot file to a schema results in an incorrect sync script for tables that have constraints/indexes named differently from what they are in the snapshot.
TOR-6607 link Team Coding: Stack Overflow error occurs when Subversion URL includes a trailing slash in some environments.
TOR-6608 link Workspaces: Toad closes unexpectedly when loading a workspace in some cases.
TOR-6609 Editor: Script execution takes a long time to start in some cases.
TOR-6619 link Options: Thousands separator no longer allows for space character.
TOR-6624 link Schema Browser: The "Deps (Uses)" and "Deps (Used By)" tabs have UI defects when using a dark mode color scheme.
TOR-6632 Data Grids: Pasting multiline text into a grid cell only retains the first line of the text.
TOR-6633 link Editor: Rearranging tabs causes the desktop layout to become corrupt in some cases.
TOR-6638 link Schema Browser: Space character incorrectly inserted into "class" when viewing Java Source code.
TOR-6640 link Options: New file types are not saved.
TOR-6645 link Toad Script Runner: "Execute via Script Runner" fails to establish connection when Toad's connection is a direct connection without using a client.
TOR-6646 link Editor: When using split editor mode the caret position is not retained following a format code in the secondary instance.
TOR-6650 link Automation Designer: Import Table Data action gives incorrect message that it cannot import into a read-only connection in some cases.
TOR-6656 link Data Grids: Mouse-wheel scrolling in grouped grid causes collapsed sections to expand.
TOR-6661 DBMS Output: Polling for output raises an ORA-06502 error in some cases.
TOR-6678 link Automation Designer: Drag/drop actions onto a collection action, e.g. If..Then..Else, Iterators, etc., causes the order of dropped actions to be reversed when the Automation Designer is closed and reopened.
TOR-6681 link Data Grids: Poor sizing/alignment of the summary panel.
TOR-6682 link Data Grids: Copying data via Ctrl+C and pasting into Excel includes the column headers.
TOR-6683 DBMS Output: The option to trim whitespace only works for the first 10 lines of output.
TOR-6686 link Generate Database Script: Roles are sorted alphabetically instead of by order required for creation when the "Object privileges granted to roles" option is not checked.
TOR-6693 link Compare Schemas: Comparing a snapshot file to a live schema includes public synonyms when the option to include public synonyms is not checked.
TOR-6697 Object Compare: The object type dropdown may be slow to load on large databases or over slow connections.
TOR-6702 link Toolbars: The active connection on the Change Session dropdown menu is identified by a checkbox which is difficult or impossible to see using some dark mode schemes.
TOR-6710 link Master-Detail Browser: Long table names are truncated in detail pane.
TOR-6718 Editor/Schema Browser: Access Violation occurs when selecting from a table having ANYDATA column(s) if the data contains anything other than VARCHAR2, DATE, or NUMBER.
TOR-6719 Editor: Execute via Toad Script Runner/SQL*Plus throws an ORA-00942 when the current schema selection is not the logon schema and selecting from a table owned by the current schema.
TOR-6722 Connections: No prompt to change password when the password is expired and when connecting without an Oracle client.
TOR-6737 link Toolbars: The blue border used in the Connection/Window bar to identify buttons for the active connection is difficult to see when using a dark color scheme.
TOR-6738 Connections: "Invalid release" error is raised when connecting to some databases.
TOR-6743 link Schema Browser: PARALLEL_INSTANCES attribute is missing from the Scheduler Jobs Info and Script tabs and the Create/Alter Scheduler Job window.
TOR-6749 link Schema Browser: Wrong popup menu is shown when multiple packages are selected in some cases.
TOR-6750 link Connections: The most recently used connection is not automatically selected in the Login window when connections are grouped in some cases.
TOR-6755 link Editor: An externally modified file may result in duplicate confirmation prompts to reload the file.
TOR-6786 Schema Browser: Altering a tablespace datafile that has the size specified in MB will change to display GB after setting the max size to unlimited.
TOR-6824 link Master Detail Browser: Custom master query is lost after setting an invalid filter.
TOR-6827 Schema Browser: Materialized View, Deps (Used By) tab does not list views that query the materialized view.
TOR-6828 link Editor: Executable line indicators (blue dots) in the margin appear on lines that are inaccessible when debugging, e.g. lines within anonymous blocks.
TOR-6837 link Schema Browser: The selected object may scroll out of view after changing the filter such that more objects are displayed.
TOR-6849 Editor: Toad stops responding and crashes after moving one of the splitters in some cases.
TOR-6863 link Find Dialog: The Whole Words option is checked when the find dialog is shown after doing a Describe (F4).
TOR-6868 link Schema Browser: The selected and focused row indicators on the Tables, Triggers tab may be out of sync.
TOR-6870 link Master-Detail Browser: Long table names are truncated in detail pane.
TOR-6882 link DBMS Output: Polling for output omits blank lines in the output if they occur beyond the 10th line.
TOR-6901 Connections: Importing connections does not update/overwrite properties, e.g. passwords, of existing connections for the same user@database.
TOR-6903 link Editor: Changing the caret position within a package is slow after connection loss if the database has utPLSQL installed.
TOR-6910 link Editor: Prompting to save empty tabs that are not loaded from a file is unnecessary.
TOR-6917 Connections: LDAP connections fail with an "'' is not a valid release" error if the DIRECTORY_SERVERS value in ldap.ora lacks a primary directory port.
TOR-6922 link Login: Custom columns that have been fixed and then removed from the grid cannot be added back.
TOR-6930 link Schema Browser: Materialized View Script tab lacks the USING TRUSTED CONSTRAINTS clause for views created with the BUILD DEFERRED and USING TRUSTED CONSTRAINTS clauses.
TOR-6933 Editor: CONNECT statement does not work for externally authenticated connections.
TOR-6938 link Schema Browser: Queue Script tab shows incorrect DDL for sharded queues and these queues are not properly shown in the Alter Queue window.
TOR-6942 Team Coding: Objects with double quoted names are not supported and cause errors.
TOR-6947 Object Palette: Action Console is missing from the context menu.
TOR-6954 link Code Analysis: Double clicking a rule violation should display a popup dialog with additional information, but it is blank.
TOR-6968 link Auto Optimize SQL: Unhelpful error message when sending SQL from the Editor and the connection is made without a client and no clients are installed.
TOR-6970 link HTML: Error message that Microsoft Edge cannot read and write to its data directory is seen in dialogs where HTML is displayed in some environments.
TOR-6974 Schema Browser: Expanding the Constraints or Indexes sub-objects nodes beneath a Table results in ORA-00942 when connected to an Oracle 21c database.
TOR-6976 Export Dataset: Timestamp values export as a date, i.e. fractional seconds and time zone are eliminated, and the time is omitted if it is 12:00 AM/00:00.
TOR-6977 link Schema Browser: Alter Table dialog is slow to load and eventually Toad crashes if there are many constraints.
TOR-6978 link Statspack Browser: Grid sorting does not work.
TOR-6979 Schema Browser: Selecting multiple tables and using Create Script omits NOT NULL constraints in some cases.
TOR-6981 link Statspack Browser/AWR Browser: Checked snapshots are not automatically scrolled into view.
TOR-6983 Alert Log Viewer: Some dates are missing if the loaded log file contains multiple date formats.
TOR-6985 link AWR Browser: ORA-00907 is raised when trying to create a snapshot on Oracle Database 10gR2.
TOR-6988 Workspaces: Editor bookmarks are not saved for all tabs.

Toad for Oracle 16.2

The following list of resolved issues includes issues received from the Toad for Oracle forum, Toad Beta users, and exception data collected from the Toad Improvement Program.

Issue ID Link to Forum Post Resolved Issue
TOR-5226 link Data Grid: Copied data doesn't paste nicely into Word or Teams.
TOR-6028 Execute Script: SQL keywords are not accepted as script arguments.
TOR-6086 Schema Browser: Object type dropdown is non-functional using some themes, e.g. Golden Age, when Toad is maximized.
TOR-6222 Query Builder: Excessive spacing between columns in the model area.
TOR-6292 Generate Table Data: ORA-06550 is raised when generating data for multiple tables related via referential integrity when the "Enforce Referential Integrity" option is selected.
TOR-6293 Login Window: Duplicate entries created for the same user@database when LDAP server returns the database name in lower or mixed case.
TOR-6294 Connections: Connection colors disappear when windows are unmaximized and a popup dialog is shown.
TOR-6301 Editor: Variable prompt dialog stays on top of other apps.
TOR-6306 Compare Files: Access Violation is thrown when clicking the Save button in some cases.
TOR-6308 Export Dataset: Exporting to Excel Instance does not bring Excel to the foreground when complete.
TOR-6313 Execute Script: Memory leak when executing any script.
TOR-6314 link Options: Decimal and Thousands separator values are not loading or saving in some cases.
TOR-6318 link Schema Browser: Filter/Sort Dialog adds unnecessary parenthesis in some cases.
TOR-6319 Schema Browser: Several issues with object types when connected to a database which has Team Coding enabled, e.g. attributes/methods are unavailable, wrong font color is used, and body is unavailable in the Script tab for types with bodies.
TOR-6322 Export Dataset: The "Enclose string fields in" option does not allow an empty value when using the SQL Loader format.
TOR-6327 link Team Coding: Project Global Filter merges multiple exclusions into a single line when saved.
TOR-6329 Import Table Data: Timestamp format error when importing from file in some cases.
TOR-6330 link Schema Browser: Team Coding images are not shown for sequences.
TOR-6332 link Schema Browser: Context menu is corrupt when multiselecting types when the selection contains both object and collection types.
TOR-6335 Schema Browser: Materialized view Info and Script tabs always report NOLOGGING even when the view was created with the LOGGING clause.
TOR-6336 Export Dataset: SQL Loader format wraps NULL values for numeric columns in double quotes leading to errors when using the export with SQL Loader.
TOR-6337 Login Window: Database dropdown mnemonic key doesn't work.
TOR-6338 Toolbars/Menus: The Window menu does not include Describe windows.
TOR-6348 Schema Browser: Refreshing the left side (object list) is nonfunctional for functions, procedures, packages, and types when using the Dropdown or Tabbed browser style.
TOR-6359 Automation Designer: Performance and resource issues when a lot of apps exist.
TOR-6361 link Schema Browser: The object type incremental search feature can be a little bit clumsy making it difficult to type multiple characters.
TOR-6362 link Login Window: Deleting a previously used connection when the grid is grouped by a column may move focus to a row within a different group.
TOR-6364 link Describe: Describing (F4) a package constant declared in the spec loads the package body instead of the spec.
TOR-6365 link Unit Test Manager: Context menu opens and closes erratically when invoked while a test is running.
TOR-6366 link Describe: The Describe window always remembers the size and position, i.e. there is no option to disable this as with other windows.
TOR-6371 Compare Multiple Tables/Compare Table Data: Script output uses incorrect decimal and thousands separators in some cases.
TOR-6372 Auto Update: The QuestDBTAutoUpdate Windows service does not use double quoted executable path.
TOR-6373 Session Browser: Various errors when the session lacks the privileges required to use it.
TOR-6374 link Editor: Execute Snippet replaces PL/SQL references with bind variables and uses variable names that are not intuitive.
TOR-6377 Execute Script: Memory leak when executing any script.
TOR-6378 link Schema Browser: Revoking an object grant from a schema having a name requiring double quotes fails.
TOR-6407 link Alter Table: Clicking NOT NULL on a column after scrolling down in the grid results in the setting being applied to the wrong column.
TOR-6413 link Schema Browser: Object quick filter selects the wrong item from history in some cases.
TOR-6424 link Automation Designer: Execute Script action gives the wrong error message when the script file has been deleted from disk.
TOR-6430 link Create/Alter Tablespace: Several issues with encryption algorithm and temporary tablespaces, e.g. algorithm dropdown is enabled when altering, algorithm is excluded from the script tab, only the AES128 algorithm is present in the Create Tablespace window.
TOR-6432 link Single Object Compare: An object in the target session having the same name as the source object should be selected by default.
TOR-6438 link Session Browser: "Engine is currently busy" error message.
TOR-6447 link Data Grids: Up|Down arrow navigation does not work when editing VARCHAR2 fields.
TOR-6448 Create/Alter Scheduler Job: ORA-27453 is thrown when altering a scheduler job that has unnamed parameters.
TOR-6512 link Export Dataset: Excel Instance format changes the file/clipboard setting unnecessarily.

Known Issues

The following is a list of issues, including those attributed to third-party products, known to exist in this release line at the time of the current release.

General known issues

Known Issue Issue ID
Toad's help cannot be opened from an installation path that contains Unicode characters. 72966

If you check "Indexes" on the Scripts tab for snapshots, then the primary key for the snapshot will be included in the script, even though the CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW statement implicitly creates this primary key.

Toad currently does not differentiate between indexes created explicitly on the snapshot and indexes created automatically when the snapshot is created.

Workaround: If you are running the generated script to recreate the snapshot, then you can simply ignore the error that occurs when the script tries to recreate the primary key index for the snapshot. If you do not normally create indexes on snapshots, then you can uncheck "Indexes" when generating the snapshot script.


If you use 11g Oracle ODP.NET client or any other client that does not have the oci.dll in the BIN directory, Toad has the following problems:

  1. Client shows as invalid
  2. Client version is not detected
  3. As a result of #2, columns of the following datatypes are not shown in the Schema Browser table data: CLOB, BLOB, NCLOB, XMLTYPE, TIMESTAMP, INTERVAL, BINARY_DOUBLE, and BINARY_FLOAT


If there is an exception during debugging on a 10Gr2 or greater database, REFCURSOR output and DBMS output will not be available when debugging is completed. This is due to the target session not being available.

Workaround: To see REFCURSOR output and DBMS output, execute the procedure without the debugger.



While Toad supports LDAP connectivity, some features of Toad depend on tnsnames.ora file to operate correctly, such as Toad Script Runner (TSR).


Schema Browser

Sometimes after pressing "Compile invalid objects", you may get ORA-20000, ORA-06512, or ORA-06512 errors. This could mean that you do not have the privileges to compile the object, but it also happens when the schema contains a package body that does not have an associated spec.

Workaround: Look in the schema that you are trying to compile to see whether there are any orphan package bodies. If it is your own schema, then do:select * from user_objects o1 where object_type = ''PACKAGE BODY'' and not exists (select ''x'' from user_objects o2 where o2.object_name = o1.object_name and o2.object_type = ''PACKAGE'') Then drop any orphan package bodies that are found.



An access violation error may display when you close Toad in a Citrix XenApp environment.



Constraint scripts from Export DDL do not contain the "using index" or "tablespace" clause.


Data Modeler:

  • Generation of HTML reports of large diagrams may fail during generation of an image of the ER Diagram.
  • Comparison of large models may consume too much memory.

Oracle client known issues

Known Issue Issue ID

In some cases, connecting to an 11g database using a 19c or 21c client may result in a hang when cancelling a query or when using Code Insight.

Workaround: Use an 18c or older client when connecting to an affected database.


All versions of Oracle client 19c leak memory when working with LOB types. This includes simple SELECT statements against a table containing LOB types.


Proxy server known issues

Known Issue Issue ID

Toad does not support Proxy Automatic Configuration (PAC) scripts; however, Toad does allow you to specify Quest-specific proxy settings to work around this limitation. By default Toad will use non-PAC proxy settings configured within Windows automatically.

Apply settings system-wide:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Quest Software\Internet Settings:

  • ProxyEnable (DWORD): 1 = enable proxy override at this level, 0 = don't enable proxy override at this level
  • ProxyServer (string): semicolon-delimited "<protocol>=<server>:<port>" entries
    • For a shared proxy server across multiple protocols:
      • a single "<server>:<port>" entry is all that's needed (ex: "")
    • For individual proxy servers by protocol, specify multiple entries:
      • ex: "https=;http=;ftp="

For 32-bit applications on a 64-bit machine:

  • Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\WOW6432Node\Quest Software\Internet Settings:

Apply settings to your own account:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Quest Software\Internet Settings:

  • Same keys as above

Notes for use:

  1. Override proxy settings will only be included if the corresponding ProxyEnable value is set to "1". Otherwise, it's ignored.
  2. HKLM (system-wide) server settings will override Windows settings.
  3. HKCU (local) server settings will override HKLM and Windows settings.
  4. Users can also edit both the system proxy settings (existing in Toad 14.0) and now their user-specific proxy settings (from HKCU) within Toad's Proxy Settings dialog (View | Options | Online); however, system-wide settings (from HKLM) will not be editable inside of Toad since they're more for administrators in silent installs or system-wide configs.

Data Grids known issues

Known Issue Issue ID

You may receive an "ORA-00902 invalid datatype" error when editing an object, nested table, or varray data if you have redefined the data type for that data during the current session.

Workaround: If you redefine an object type, nested table, or varray and then need to edit data in a table based on that type, end your current connection and begin a new one.


Full table data is not displaying in the live data grid (results from F9) if the data contains "zero" characers (ACII 0). In this case, all data after the zero character will not show in the grid.

Workaround: Double click on the data cell in the data grid to view full contents of data in a popup editor.


Code Analysis known issues

Known Issue Issue ID
Saving results to a database: When dealing with nested procedures, Code Analysis can only insert run data from procs one level deep. N/A

Saving PL/SQL results to a database may fail or save invalid data to the database for invalid PL/SQL objects.

Workaround: To ensure PL/SQL results are saved to the database correctly, verify the validity of all objects before running Code Analysis.


Editor known issues

Known Issue Issue ID

Toad errors when you query on a field of Oracle collection types.

Workaround: Execute using SQL*Plus.


When spooling to an unpinned output window, the window becomes unresponsive and errors are given when Toad is closed ("Canvas does not allow drawing").

Workaround: Keep the output window pinned.


If you use a non fixed-width font, the results are misaligned in the of Script Output tab in Editor after executing a SQL script.

Workaround: Go to Options | Scripts and select a fixed-width font for script output.


Session Browser known issues

Known Issue Issue ID
The Program name in the Session Browser may be blank or may be the full path to the executable instead of just the executable name. This depends on the Oracle client, not on Toad. N/A

In RAC databases, version (and possibly other 10.1 versions), the query used to populate the "Current Statement" in the Session Browser fails with the following error: Runtime error occurred: 12801 (ORA-12801: error signaled in parallel query server PZ99, instance <instance name> ORA-01008: not all variables bound) This problem does not occur in Non-RAC environments.

Workaround: Clear the "Use RAC Views" checkbox, and log into the appropriate instance of the database, if necessary.


Team Coding known issues

Known Issue Issue ID

Creating a new revision or attempting to force a check-in to Visual Studio Team Services may result in a "404: Not Found" error. The current version of Team Foundation Server used by Visual Studio Team Services compares the source being uploaded with the source already in the repository. If the source has not changed, it may incorrectly return an error rather than allowing the forced revision. This appears to be a Microsoft issue. As a result, these two commands may fail.


When using the Team Foundation Server internal client and Team Foundation Server 2012 or 2013 alternate Team Project Collections, workspaces created outside of Toad are not visible from within Toad. A workspace may be created from Toad by clicking the ‘New’ button during the Team Foundation Server log in.

This is not an issue when using the Team Foundation Server external client.

Team Coding is disabled for mixed-case object names. N/A

With CVS, Toad may fail to retrieve the list of projects for you to select from in the CVS browser or in the Code Control Groups configuration.

Workaround: See "Missing CVS\Entries File Error" in the online help.

Team Coding and Clearcase: Dynamic Views are not supported via SCC interface. Snapshot Views must be used instead. (Rational case ID v0830629, Rational Defect # CMBU00053934) N/A

Unicode known issues

Known Issue Issue ID

The following features in Toad do not support Unicode:

  • ASM Manager
  • Export File Browser
  • Hex Editor

In addition, Java itself does not allow Unicode class names or file names. This is relevant to the Java Manager, Editor, and Schema Browser.


Editor options to highlight object names may not work for object names that contain Unicode characters.

Script Execution in Editor: Error offset can be incorrect when running scripts with multi-byte object names. N/A
XML (Plain) format creates bad XML if Unicode string values and Unicode column names are exported through Export Dataset. N/A

Import mapping for Unicode characters is incorrect if the characters are not a fixed width (such as Korean).

In Team Coding, objects with Unicode contents are supported, objects with Unicode names are not. Supported Version Control Providers do not support Unicode names. N/A

The OCI option ORA_NCHAR_LITERAL_REPLACE affects the NCHAR String Literal Replacement behavior when connected to non-Unicode databases. The option can be enabled or disabled. See the "Enable ORA_NCHAR_LITERAL_REPLACE" option (View | Options | Oracle | General). The option has adverse behavior regardless of its value.

  • Enabled - ORA-01756 error when executing SQL using the Q-quote operator where the end delimiter appears within the string literal and is followed by a single quote that is also part of the string literal. The single quote does not have to immediately follow the delimiter.
  • Disabled - NCHAR string literal corruption when connected to non-Unicode database.


High DPI known issues

Known Issue Issue ID


(Affects Windows Server 2019 only)

Toolbar button images may disappear when you mouse over them if the "High DPI scaling override" option is set to "System (Enhanced)" in the Windows file properties dialog for Toad.exe


Toad for Oracle on Mac known issues

Known Issue Issue ID

The "Allow multiple copies of Toad to be loaded" option is nonfunctional.

The option allows multiple copies of Toad to be opened on Windows, but does not work on macOS. The option has been disabled.

Workaround: Review macOS documentation for instructions on how to open a new instance of an app on Mac.


The "File | Fast Exit" feature is nonfunctional.

The feature allows for quickly closing Toad without prompting to save work. It has been disabled.


The Quit menu item from Apple's Toad for Oracle menu is nonfunctional if an Editor is open.


Editor is slow to open if CAPS lock is enabled.

Workaround: Turn off CAPS lock before opening Editor.


Bold text and other UI painting issues after installing Team Coding database objects.

Workaround: Restart Toad.


Third-party known issues

Known Issue Issue ID


(Affects the 64-bit version of Toad only)

If IE9 is installed, clicking a link in the Help file may crash Toad 64-bit, even if IE9 is not the default browser.

Workaround: Users who have IE9 installed can open Help from outside of Toad.


System Requirements

This section contains the hardware, software, and privileges required to run Toad for Oracle, as well as the database and virtual environments that Toad for Oracle supports.

Hardware requirements




  • 1 GHz processor - Toad for Oracle 32/64 bit
  • Apple Silicon M1 or M2 processor - Toad for Oracle on Mac


  • 1 GB RAM - Toad for Oracle 32 bit
  • 2 GB RAM - Toad for Oracle 64 bit
  • 2 GB RAM - Toad for Oracle on Mac

Note: The memory required may vary based on the following: 

  • Applications that are running on your system
  • Size and complexity of the database
  • Amount of database activity
  • Number of concurrent users accessing the database

Hard disk space

  • 600 MB - Toad for Oracle 32/64 bit
  • 2 GB - Toad for Oracle on Mac

Operating system

  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 - 2 CPU required
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2022
  • macOS 11
  • macOS 12
  • macOS 13
  • macOS 14

Database requirements



Database client

An Oracle client is optional.

Connecting to a database without an Oracle client has the following considerations:

  • Features requiring Oracle utilities will be unavailable including, but not limited to: SQL*Plus, Data Pumps, Import/Export Utilities, SQL Loader, TKProf, TNSPing, Wrap.
  • Oracle Net Services configuration files are required for some connection methods, e.g. TNS requires tnsnames.ora and LDAP requires both ldap.ora and sqlnet.ora. These files may be placed in the folder specified by your TNS_ADMIN environment variable or in the same folder as Toad.exe.

The following Oracle clients are supported:

  • Oracle Client or Instant Client
  • Oracle Client or Instant Client
  • Oracle Client or Instant Client 12c Release 1 and 2
  • Oracle Client or Instant Client 18c
  • Oracle Client or Instant Client 19c
  • Oracle Client or Instant Client 21c

Note: You must use the 32-bit version of Toad with the 32-bit Oracle client, and the 64-bit version of Toad with the 64-bit Oracle client.

Database server

Oracle versions:

  • 10g Release 2
  • 11g Release 1 and 2
  • 12c Release 1 and 2
  • 18c
  • 19c
  • 21c
  • 23c (Free - Developer Release)

Important: It is recommended that your client version be of the same release (or later) as your database server. This is an Oracle recommendation to prevent performance issues.

Cloud database service

Oracle Database as a Service on Amazon EC2 and Oracle Cloud


  • Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) is being adopted by the US Federal Government and industries around the world. In its most basic format, the new protocol uses 128-bit addresses instead of 32-bit addresses, which are used by the current IPv4 to route packets over the Internet. Toad for Oracle features, such as FTP, access the Internet through third-party vendors that are IPv6 compliant, such as /nSoftware's IP*Works. For access to Web sites by way of the Toad Online window, Toad simply invokes the user-defined or default Web browser.
  • Toad for Oracle Subscription editions require the user to sign in when using the product. This enables the product to verify the user's identity and to check that they are entitled to use the subscription. To complete this entitlement check internet access is required to connect to Quest Software's Licensing Servers.

  • Toad for Oracle Subscription edition is bundled with Quest Auto Update, a service to periodically check for and deliver product updates. Quest Auto Update requires internet access and must be able to reach the cloud service at

Additional requirements



Additional Software

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later (to view video from the Jump list within Toad, and to view the product documentation in HTML format).
  • Microsoft Office 2016 and recent earlier releases are supported for Word and Excel output.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or later (to view the product documentation in PDF format).
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 to support the Toad for Oracle Editions Installer.

Virtualization support



Application virtualization

Citrix® XenApp

Desktop virtualization (VDI)

vWorkspace™ 7.0 has been tested.

Server virtualization

Oracle VM 3.1 has been tested.

VMware ESX Server 3.5, 4.0, and 5.5 have been tested.

Note: Toad may work in virtualization environments other than the ones listed.

Windows Privileges

In order to install and run Toad, make a connection, and do basic operations, you must have the following privileges.

Operating System


Windows 8.1 and 10

Windows Server 2012 R2, 2016, 2019, and 2022

  • Read access to the Oracle client folder
  • Read/write privileges on the Oracle Home directories that you use for your connections

Note: Toad for Oracle Subscription edition is bundled with Quest Auto Update, a service to periodically check for and deliver product updates. Installation requires administrator privileges on all supported operating systems.

Note: Other functionality in Toad may require additional privileges.

Product Licensing

Legacy Toad for Oracle with offline license keys

To activate a trial

  1. Go to the trial download web page:, accessed through the product page.
  2. Select the Toad for Oracle Edition that you want to try.
  3. Log in to your account or register.
  4. Accept the license terms.
  5. Download the trial file.

To activate a purchased commercial license

  1. Go to the Quest Support website:
  2. Type the name of the product that you want to activate in the Enter your product to find support field.
  3. Select Download New Releases.
  4. Download the installer file.


  • License keys compatible with Toad for Oracle 9.7 and earlier versions are no longer supported.
  • Only the newer 48-character license keys are supported.
  • If you have an older license type, the Editions installer points you to the license web page where you can update it.
  • Toad supports cumulative licensing. You can add multiple licenses, including those for add-ons like Sensitive Data Protection, to Toad. Toad will use the licenses providing the highest degree of features.

Toad for Oracle Subscription with online licensing (including Editions)

Toad for Oracle Subscription requires you to sign in with your account. Licenses are tied to your account giving you the flexibility to use Toad from multiple computers without having to move your license.

Sign in with existing account

  1. Enter your account email address and password when prompted
  2. If you already have a Toad for Oracle Subscription license, no further action is needed
  3. If you do not have a Toad for Oracle Subscription license, see Activating a new license below

Create a new account

  1. Select Sign up for a new account
  2. Enter your account details and select Sign Up
  3. A confirmation email is sent containing a verification code
  4. Enter the code from the email and select Verify


    • It may take a few minutes for the verification email to arrive

    • Check your spam/junk folders for the email sent from if you do not receive it

    • For additional assistance, please contact Quest support

Activating a new license

  1. Toad for Oracle Subscription automatically provides a fully functioning, 30-day Trial license
  2. To purchase a new license, click Buy Now from Toad's title bar
  3. After completing your transaction, restart Toad and your license is automatically detected
  4. To manage licenses, select Account Settings beneath your account shown at the top-right of Toad

    NOTE: You can view your licenses from within Toad by selecting Help | Licensing

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