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Toad Data Studio 1.0 - Installation Guide

About Connections

Use the Connection Manager to create and manage database connections.

See Understand Toad Connections for more information about how Toad handles open database connections, document windows, and connection sharing in a Toad session.

Click here to view a video about creating connections in Toad Data Studio

To manage connections

  • In the Connection Manager, use the following toolbar buttons to manage connections:

    Create a new connection. When creating a connection, click Save to save details for the connection without connecting to the database.

    Create a new connection based an existing connection. When creating a connection, click Save to save details for the connection without connecting to the database.

    Connect to the selected connection. When connecting, click Cancel to abort the attempted connection.

    Disconnect from the selected connection. When disconnecting, click Cancel to abort the attempted disconnection.

    View properties for the selected connection.

    Import connections.

    Export Toad connections and saved passwords to an XML file. You can then provide this file to other users.

    Publish a connection as an object to Intelligence Central. If you publish multiple connections at one time, each connection is a separate object in Intelligence Central. See Publish to Toad Intelligence Central.

    If you have multiple DB2 clients installed, click this button to transfer a catalog from one DB2 client to the DB2 client Toad is using (default DB2 client). See Configure DB2 Client Connections for more information.

Automatically Open Connections When Toad Starts

You can designate one or more connections to automatically open each time Toad starts.

To specify a connection to open on startup

  1. In the Connection/Navigation Manager, right-click the connection and select Properties.
  2. In the Connection Properties dialog, select Connect on startup. You can repeat this process for each connection you want to automatically open when Toad starts.
  3. To designate one connection as the active connection, select Make it the active connection on startup. Only one connection at a time can be designated as active on startup. The last connection you designate in this manner overrides any previously-designated connection.

Tip: You can use the command line to start Toad and automatically open a connection. See Use Command Line to Start Toad and Open a Connection for more information.

Configure Connection Options

You can specify options for database connections in the Toad Options dialog.

To configure connection options

  1. Select Tools | Options to open the Options dialog.
  2. To specify one of the following options, select the corresponding page in the Options dialog.

    Option Description Page in Options Dialog

    To show/hide the New Connection dialog on startup.

    Select Environment | General

    Specify the number of connections that display in the History pane of the New Connection window.

    Automatically open a new Query Builder, Editor, or Database Explorer window on new connections.

    Select Database | General

    Enable Connect on startup for scheduled Automation scripts in order to keep connections open for the duration of script execution. Select Environment | Connection Manager


  • (Windows server only) To start, stop, or pause the database services associated with a connection, right-click a connection and select Services. You must have access to the remote registry where the database is installed to use this feature.

  • To change the current connection, select a connection from the drop-down list on the Connection toolbar.

  • To organize your connections, you can create groups. You can then execute a script in the Editor against multiple connections in the selected group. See Group Connections for more information.


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