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Power365 Current - Power365 Tenant-to-Tenant Migration Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

This guide is broken into 3 easy steps to get started quickly.

  1. Requirements

  2. Create Project

  3. Begin Migrating

Step One: Requirements

Application Accounts

Before starting, have your Global Administrator account credentials ready for all source and target tenants that are in scope for migration.

Have at least one (1) available Microsoft 365 license for our application account to consume for the duration of the project. Once the project is closed, the account license can be reclaimed.

Visit the Help Center for more details about accounts and permissions requirements .

User List

You may choose to upload a list of user’s mailboxes instead of running discovery. If that is the case, watch this video on managing user lists for the Basic Migration project type. We recommend Advanced project type with discovery for a more automated experience.

Step Two: Set up Project

  • Create New Project

Power365 Tenant-to-Tenant application set up is automated in your tenant, making it quick and easy to get started. To begin follow these steps for creating your first Power365 Advanced project.

  1. Sign in to Power365

  2. Choose Tenant-to-Tenant

  3. Click New Project

  4. Choose the Advanced Project type, click Next

  5. Enter a Project Name and Description, click Next

  6. Click Add Tenant, accept the permissions requested

  7. Repeat for each Tenant

  8. Select your Environment pairs, click Next

  9. Select your Domain pairs, click Next

  10. Choose Discovery options, click Next

  11. Choose Matching options, click Next

  12. The Project Setup Summary will open

  13. Review the configurations, click the header to modify any options

  14. When ready, click Next

  15. Enter a valid email address to receive your discovery notifications

  16. Click Start Discovery

Environment discovery will now begin. When it completes, an email will be sent to you. The larger and more complex the environment, the longer initial discovery will take. After a successful initial discovery has completed, delta discoveries will be run every 24 hours by default. Discovery intervals are configurable. If your discovery takes longer than 24 hours on average, be sure to adjust the schedule.

For more information about projects, matching, managing scope, permissions and other topics visit the online help center.

Step Three: Begin Migrating

  • You may begin copying data immediately if you like. There is no additional configurations to begin, however we recommend you review the What Else? section to learn more about what migration options and features you have available before you decide to migrate.

  • If you do wish to begin immediately, follow these steps:

    1. Log in to Power365 and open your project.

    2. From the Dashboard choose, Users Ready.

    3. Select the Users you wish to migrate immediately.

    4. Select Sync, from the action menu then click Apply.

    5. Start Cutover to finalize the migration.

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