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Power365 Current - Power365 Domain Move Quick Start Guide

Complete (Step 6)

  1. The Domain Move has completed successfully at this point, click Finish.


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  1. Power365 will now remove the Email Relay created at the start of the domain move.


LightbulbImportant Tip: This process can take up to 48 hours to complete.  This will not affect mail delivery as all email is sent directly to the target tenant.

Validating the Result

This section provides a step-by-step guide on how validate the domain in the target tenant.

  1. Validate that the domain is added as an accepted domain in the target tenant.  Connect to the target tenant with an Exchange Online PowerShell session and run “Get-AcceptedDomain”.  Confirm that the domain has been added as an Authoritative domain in the tenant.


  1. Validate the domain was added as the Primary Email address by checking On-Premise and Cloud objects.

On-Prem Objects

  • Open Active Directory User and Computer in the target Active Directory

  • Select an object that has the domain moved and open the properties window.

  • Select Attribute Editor and navigate to the ProxyAddresses attribute. Confirm the domain is listed as the primary SMTP address for this object.


Cloud Objects

  • Open a remote PowerShell session to the target tenant.

  • Run the following PowerShell script and verify the domain is added as the Primary SMTP Address for the object.

    Get-Mailbox Lab1JuneMail10 | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Emailaddresses



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a wild card certificate for Advanced Email Rewrite Service?

Advanced Email Rewrite Service requires a single subject SSL certificate with both private and public keys attached.  Wild Card certificates are not supported.

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