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NetVault Plug-in for DB2 3.3 - User Guide

Introducing NetVault Backup Plug-in for DB2

NetVault Backup Plug-in for DB2: at a glance

The NetVault Backup Plug‑in for DB2 (Plug‑in for DB2) increases confidence in the recoverability of DB2 databases and eliminates the need for complex scripting. Through a web-based user interface (WebUI) and automated workflow process, the plug-in offers a centralized way to set up, configure, and define backup and restore policies for your DB2 databases. Support for online and offline backups gives you the flexibility to select the preferred backup method without requiring you to learn the DB2 internals. The plug-in offers a detailed level of control that minimizes downtime by allowing you to restore complete databases, individual tablespaces, or individual log files. Through integration with a range of backup devices, your data is protected and stored offsite to meet your disaster-recovery and business-continuity goals.

Key benefits

Reduce risk with flexible backup and recovery options: Plug‑in for DB2 ensures that databases remain online and fully accessible during backup operations, assuring no user downtime. You can implement a backup policy that is flexible enough to account for many recovery scenarios without the need to understand DB2 database internals. In addition to providing options for Full, Incremental, and Delta Backups, the plug-in supports detailed recoveries. This option lets you restore complete databases, individual tablespaces, or individual archived logs up to the current time or the last backup. Restores are faster because the reliance on human interaction is reduced and the chance of syntax errors that would require a restart is eliminated to reduce downtime further.
Maximize information technology (IT) efficiency: NetVault Backup’s ability to manage distributed storage resources across multiple databases lets you focus on business-critical tasks rather than repetitive and manual backup operations. Less-experienced personnel can perform routine administrative options, thus empowering administrators to create comprehensive backup policies without the need to understand DB2 internals. The plug-in uses an automated workflow with point-and-click options for tasks such as defining backups and scheduling jobs.
Ensure business continuity: With offsite backups being an important part of the data-protection plan for business-critical applications, the plug-in takes advantage of NetVault Backup’s integration with a range of backup devices. NetVault Backup offers the flexibility to store backups on popular backup devices. You can store the backup online in a virtual tape library (VTL). You can also duplicate the job to physical tape libraries shared by multiple DB2 databases, other proprietary databases, or even general backup files.

Feature summary

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