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Foglight 7.1.0 - User Guide

Working with templates

Foglight supports the following operations against templates:


Creating a new template

Foglight supports two methods for creating new templates: creating a new template from scratch and duplicating an existing template (see Duplicating a template).

The primary difference between the two methods is that duplicating an existing template copies any custom configurations in that template, while creating a new template uses the domain defaults.

When creating a new template, the default alarm configuration for the selected domains will be populated. Any changes to the default configuration will be applied to targets of this template. Future changes to the default alarms will not be applied to the new template.

In the templates panel, click to open the Create Alarm Template dialog.
In the Domains drop-down, select the domains to apply to the template.
Click Create. The new template will be displayed.

Duplicating a template

Click Duplicate.
Complete the Duplicate Alarm Template dialog, using the below information as a guide:
Click the Domains drop-down to select the domains to which the new template should apply.
Click Create.
[Optional] Set the new template as the default template. Refer to Setting Default Templates.

Setting Default Templates

Any alarm template can be set as the default template for the domains associated with that template. Domains can have only with one default template. Any object in that domain that is not associated with another alarm template will have the default template applied.

Click Set as Default.
Click OK to confirm.

Additionally, you can view the current domain default templates in one dialog, and make changes as required.

[Optional] Toggle Don't Show empty domains to either view all domains, or only those with targets.
Click Set Defaults when finished.

Viewing template information

Use the Info option to view a summary card containing key data points about a template. The information card displays:

Click Info.
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