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Foglight for SQL Server (Cartridge) 7.1.0 - Release Notes

Foglight® for SQL Server 7.1.0

Foglight® for SQL Server 7.1.0

Welcome to Foglight for SQL Server

Foglight® for SQL Server allows database administrators (DBAs) to quickly and efficiently identify performance deviations, determine their root cause, perform comprehensive analyses, and resolve performance bottlenecks. This product provides web-enabled dashboards for centralized visibility, management and health checks for the SQL Server instances deployed in your environment, as well as proactive alerting and alarm workflows for tracking your responses to critical performance anomalies.

Foglight for SQL Server is an n-tier application, which leverages a web-based user interface to ensure having complete visibility into the SQL Server infrastructure wherever an Internet connection is available.

These Release Notes cover the resolved issues, known issues, workarounds and other important information about 7.1.0 release of Foglight for SQL Server. Review all sections before starting installation.


New in this release

Version 7.1 of Foglight for SQL server contains the following new features and updates:

SQL Server Enhancements

For more details on enhancements to Foglight, please refer to the Foglight for Databases 7.1 Release Notes.

Resolved issues and enhancements

The following table provides information about the resolved issues and enhancements for Foglight for SQL Server 7.1.0:


Fixed Backup Location collection Failed to get free space of disk.

Foglight for SQL Server


TempDB Out of space Alarm not been triggered by SQL Server Rule

Foglight for SQL Server

FOG-5742, FOG-5745

Databases dashboard grid " # size" columns sort doesn't work

Foglight for SQL Server


Some charts title are not visible in Light Theme


Foglight for SQL Server



Fixed - TSQL Batches cannot be expanded for one of the Sql Server instances

Foglight for SQL Server


Foglight hides import from files after selecting discover

Foglight for SQL Server


Cannot grant SQL Server sysadmin privileges in Connection Details

Foglight for SQL Server


Change the alarm definition in order to align to alarm message on the rule "DBSS- Page Splits"

Foglight for SQL Server

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