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Foglight Capacity Director 7.1.0 - User Guide

Using Foglight Capacity Director Getting Started Tab Current Capacity Tab Resource Utilization Tab Scenario Modeler Tab Server Purchase Tab Report Tab Performance Tuning Tab Changes and DRS Rules Tab Infrastructure Organizations Tab

Editing a Planned Change

Foglight Capacity Director allows you to edit the existing planned changes, as needed.

The Settings dialog box appears.
NOTE: The Settings dialog box varies from the following change types: Model a Cluster Addition, Model a Host Addition, Add Virtual Machines, Model a Host Decommission, Decommission Virtual Machines, Model a Host Movement, and Move Virtual Machines. For more information, see Adding a Planned Change.
Edit the values as needed, and click Save. For detailed information about the available fields, refer to Adding a Planned Change .

Deleting a Planned Change

Foglight Capacity Director allows you to remove the existing planned changes that you do not want to deploy.

In the Confirm delete planned changes dialog box, click Confirm.


Infrastructure Organizations Tab

The Infrastructure Organizations view shows detailed information about organizations and clusters, and provides an approach to manage them. The Infrastructure Organizations view contains two tabs:

Organizations tab: Lists and manages the infrastructure organization.
Clusters tab: Lists the cluster information and assigns the clusters, as needed.
The Infrastructure Organizations view appears at the bottom of the Capacity Director dashboard.

Organizations tab

The Organizations tab includes:

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