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Backup for SharePoint 6.12 - Release Notes

Version 6.1.12033.0

The following is a list of issues addressed in this release.


Work Item

Resolved issue where user is unable to mount differential backups or transactional logs using the “Browse Directly to Backup files” option using long backup file names.


Resolved issue where SharePoint Backup cannot retrieve Farm components when using language other than English for the Operating System.


Resolved issue where farm restore out of place operation hangs and then backup service restarted service when the backup set folder over TSM does not have the required SharePoint components when using a fully qualified domain name.


Resolved issue where VSS writer failed at time to retrieve Nintex database components.


Resolved issue where Scheduled Backup of just SharePoint databases cannot be edited because of validation in the wizard preventing it from saving.


Resolved issue where unhandled exception causes the backup service to restart and backup process fails.


Resolved issue where no list items are showing in a mounted content database on SharePoint 2010 Foundation or SharePoint Search Service Express Edition 2010.


Resolved issue where items cannot be restored if file was deleted by user other than the backup service account, but the item is still on 'Deleted from end user Recycle Bin'.


Resolved issue where mounted content database displays same content twice when the lists and document library have same name/letters but one has punctuation at the end.



Version 6.0.7042.0

The following is a list of issues addressed in this release.


Work Item

Resolved issue where the presence of special characters in the environment variable for a SharePoint root component was causing the backing up of its Filesystem directory structure to fail.


Resolved issue where restore wizard was unable to validate the site collection administrator account from a trusted domain.


Resolved issue where the Application Services folder created as part of a backup operation for the Application Service components over TEMP does not delete upon completion of the backup, causing the folder to remain without an owner, which in turn causes further backups to fail.


Resolved issue where users were unable to delete a backup set as a result of the backup service not containing the required permissions.


Resolved issue where the Management Console displays a timeout message during the deletion of a backup sets, expanding of granular content, or during the mount and link content database wizard.

212540, 215578, 216731

Resolved issue where backup operation fails over TSM backup set location because there is an error with TSM API internals.


Resolved issue where user was unable to delete mounted content databases.


Resolved issue where the document item of a document library is restored to a default location when the document library is inside of a custom folder.



Version 6.0.5011.0

The following is a list of issues addressed in this release.


Work Item

Resolved issue where SharePoint Backup was unable to mount multiple files using the “Browse Directly to Backup Files” option when mounting a content database from a BAK source.


Resolved issue where SharePoint servers were not able to get correct Backup Service status if they were listed with FQDN as their name in SharePoint Central Administration.


Resolved issue where Backup Content does not display any Site Collections content inside the site collection in the granular restore view.

204569, 204591

Resolved issue where Management Console was not able load and was instead displaying the Configuration Wizard after restarting the management service.


Resolved issue where SharePoint Backup was unable to search SQL Backups for non-US date/time formats.


Resolved issue where SharePoint Backup was unable to mount content databases that were upgraded from a previous version.


Resolved issue where Differential Backups were not being sent to the Queue.


Resolved issue where Differential backups were failing with an error, stating that the primary backup server could not communicate with SQL Server using the server name.


Resolved issue where the Farm Backup operations were being canceled because the writer metadata for the SharePoint VSS writer was not being retrieved.


Resolved issue of false alert in the Backup Console which stated that the console is "unable to check disk space".



Version 6.0.3412.06

The following is a list of issues addressed in this release.


Work Item

Implemented the capability to not escalate a differential backup operation if the LSN value of one or all content database were changed between full and deferential backup.


Implemented an option to auto include newly created databases in scheduled backups if the schedule job is to backup all content databases.


Implemented ability to store backup sets in Azure and Amazon.


Implemented new pre-installation checks for the installation wizards.


Implemented the ability to backup and restore service applications.


Implemented the ability for several farms to be handled by one management service.


Improved the Granular Restore view by adding a list view to the tree view of the backup content, as well as the ability to see and access the corresponding URL of each element.


Improved the performance of the Management Console, including load time, as well as the time it takes changes to take effect between views.


Implemented complete Nintex support, including the Nintex configuration database.


Resolved issue where Backup was restoring elements with their metadata columns empty or was unable to restore granular elements that contained multiple versions of a list or document library with Metadata columns.

163094, 182808

Resolved issue where user was receiving an error message when mounting from a Metalogix Full Farm Backup set, when the primary Backup Set Location was a TSM location.


Resolved issue where Managed metadata was not being restored to the managed metadata column.


Resolved issue where the local administrator check was failing on the Farm Configuration Wizard.



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