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Download Code Tester for Oracle 4.1 .MSI Installer (for 64-bit Oracle Client)


Code Tester for Oracle is a tool to help you test Oracle® PL/SQL code. We all take pride in our code and want to test it, but we also know that code testing is one of the biggest challenges in the development of software today. These challenges include having to write a large volume of test code, keeping that code synchronized with our application code as it changes, and verifying the results of running our tests. This becomes especially important as organizations around the world migrate their traditional database development to agile and DevOps practices, where continuous delivery and automation are critical to the success of the deployment.

Code Tester for Oracle tackles these challenges by making it easy to define your tests, generate your test code, and run the tests, all within an easy-to-use graphical interface. Code Tester enables you to call these tests as part of an automated build process, as well as perform regression testing in the future.

The bottom line with Code Tester: you don't write test code. You describe your tests, and the tool generates the test code (as a PL/SQL package) that implements your test definition.

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SHA256: 6f16a938e4ed2967eb41ea3e3f10ec4b45e86dc38d325cc9be7ba1b08826c2d6