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On Demand Migration for Email Product Notification


You have been identified as using On Demand Migration for Email (ODME), and have chosen to configure ODME to not require a TLS connection.

We take security of the data you migrate on our platform very seriously. In an effort to protect our customer’s data and increase security on our platform, our security team has identified this type of configuration as a security risk and will be disabling the ability to use non TLS connections.

How does this affect me?

When TLS is not enabled the traffic could be intercepted. If the traffic was to be intercepted by an attack the attacker could capture the credentials and tokens, emails, contacts, and possibly modify the traffic during the migration.


If you are still migrating you will need to login and configure ODME on the Connections tab to use TLS prior to May 31, 2021.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, however this is required to make sure your data and our systems are secure.