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Enterprise Reporter Product Notification

Product Release
New Release

Enterprise Reporter 2.6

We are excited to announce a new version of Enterprise Reporter is now available for download.

Look what's new:

  • Improved insights with IT Security Search for Active Directory and Windows
  • Collect and report on security permissions for visibility into Exchange and Exchange online
  • Integration with Active Roles to realize the full value of secure AD management and reporting
  • Performance enhancements include AD Collector and Adaptive Workload Optimization in Discovery Nodes
  • Use subnets to define scope for Computer, File Storage, Analysis, NTFS and Registry discoveries

Important Licensing Notes:

This new release of Enterprise Reporter 2.6 requires a new license key.

All existing customers except Enterprise Reporter Suite purchases will need to obtain the new key before installing the new release. To obtain a new key, refer to the License Key Upgrade page.

Enterprise Reporter Suite purchases will need to complete a swap order to receive a new single license for version 2.6 which will enable Enterprise Reporter for Exchange and Enterprise Reporter for File Storage Analysis. You will need to obtain the new key before installing the new release. To obtain a new key, contact your Sales Representative byemail or by phone at 1-800-306-9329.

Check out these helpful knowledge articles:

What ports need to be open to deploy a node across a firewall

How to report on what users and groups have access to specific servers

Be sure to check out the Enterprise Reporter Product Support page to find solution articles, tips and tricks, tutorials, documentation, notifications, lifecycle tables, training, and a product user forum.