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ControlPoint 8.9 - User Guide

Preface Getting Started with ControlPoint Using Discovery to Collect Information for the ControlPoint Database Cache Searching for SharePoint Sites Managing SharePoint Objects Using ControlPoint Policies to Control Your SharePoint Environment Managing SharePoint User Permissions Data Analysis and Reporting
Specifying Parameters for Your Analysis Analysis Results Display Generating a SharePoint Summary Report Analyzing Activity Analyzing Object Properties Analyzing Storage Analyzing Content Generating a SharePoint Hierarchy Report Analyzing Trends Auditing Activities and Changes in Your SharePoint Environment Analyzing SharePoint Alerts Analyzing ControlPoint Policies Analyzing Users and Permissions The ControlPoint Task Audit Viewing Logged Errors
Scheduling a ControlPoint Operation Saving, Modifying and Running Instructions for a ControlPoint Operation Using the ControlPoint Governance Policy Manager Using Sensitive Content Manager to Analyze SharePoint Content for Compliance Using ControlPoint Sentinel to Detect Anomalous Activity Provisioning SharePoint Site Collections and Sites Default Menu Options for ControlPoint Users About Us

Adding and Editing Custom Items in a Menu

From the ControlPoint Menu Maintenance or Favorites Maintenance page you can add and update custom items, such as frequently-accessed SharePoint pages, internal or external Web sites, or web-based applications, to a menu.

The procedure for adding an item to a ControlPoint menu is used by:

·ControlPoint Application Administrators who want to add custom items to a custom menu—via the Menu Maintenance page, and

·any administrator who wants to add custom items to his/her Favorites list—via the Favorites Maintenance page.

NOTE:  The procedure below uses Favorites menu maintenance for illustration purposes.  However, the procedural steps for ControlPoint application menu maintenance are identical.

To add custom item to a menu:

1Highlight the item below which you want to place the new item.

NOTE:  Custom actions can be placed below the top node of the menu or below a folder.  Custom folders can be placed below the top node of the menu only.

2Click [Add Custom Item]..

3From the Item Type drop-down, select the option that best characterizes your custom item.

CAUTION: Once a custom item has been saved the Item Type cannot be changed.

4Enter the Item Name and, unless the item is a folder, the URL.

Favorites Maintenance CUSTOM ADDED

5Click [Update].

To edit an existing custom item:

1Highlight the item you want to edit.

2Click [Edit Custom Item].

3Modify the Item Name and/or URL as appropriate.

Favorites Maintenance CUSTOM ADDED

NOTE:  For existing items, the Item Type drop-down is disabled.

4Click [Update]


When Search is selected in the left navigation pane, you can easily locate site collections, sites, and subsites within your SharePoint Farm.  

Navigational Search menu

You can access this menu directly or from any of the Search Hierarchy links within the SharePoint Hierarchy panel.  For more detail, see Searching for SharePoint Sites.

ControlPoint for Site Admins

If you launch ControlPoint from within a SharePoint site, ControlPoint menus display in place of the "standard" navigation tree.  The site from which ControlPoint was launched is used as the default scope.  This approach is especially suited for use by Business Administrators.

Select a menu item to open the ControlPoint operation or SharePoint page in the workspace.

Launch CP for Site Admins 2

EXCEPTION:  If ControlPoint Menus for Site Settings has been activated and you select Launch ControlPoint from the Sharepoint Site Actions menu, ControlPoint will open with the standard navigation panels.


Farm Selection, Product Information, and Online Help

The bottom of the left navigation frame contains:

·The Available Farms drop-down that identifies the farm currently being managed and, in a multi-farm installation, lets you select a different farm to administer.

Available Farms Mixed Editions

Note that only farms that share the same ControlPoint Service database will be available from the drop-down.

NOTE:  Initially, the list includes the names of all farms that have been configured to share the same ControlPoint Service database. However, after the first server interaction (for example, when a ControlPoint action or analysis is initiated), the list may be trimmed to display only farms that are currently active.


·Access to information About (info) the ControlPoint application, including version information


About dialog

NOTE: Last Patch reflects the date of the last software update provided. Last Install reflects the last full build of that version released.

·A link to ControlPoint online Help (help).

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