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ControlPoint 8.9 - Administration Guide

Preface Configuring the Environment in Which ControlPoint Will Run The ControlPoint Configuration Site Managing Your Farm List Managing Your ControlPoint License Granting ControlPoint Access to Web Applications and Content Databases Using Discovery to Collect Information for the ControlPoint Database Cache Using Sensitive Content Manager Services Managing ControlPoint Configuration and Permissions Preparing Your Environment for Using ControlPoint Sentinel Modifying ControlPoint Configuration Settings
Changing Default Settings for Actions and Analyses Changing Default Settings to Improve Application Performance Audit Log Configuration Settings Changing Settings for Anomalous Activity Detection Restricting Functionality for Members of the Business Administrators Group Changing Default Settings for ControlPoint User Groups Changing Settings to Improve Discovery Performance Changing Settings to Accommodate Special Environmental Factors Changing Default Settings for Navigation Changing Default Settings for Compliance Managing Site Provisioning Settings Specifying Global Settings for ControlPoint Policies Setting Preferences for the ControlPoint Scheduler Miscellaneous and Custom Configuration Settings Special-Purpose Configuration Settings
Changing Trace Switch Logging Levels Archiving SharePoint Audit Log Data Troubleshooting
ControlPoint Log Files Troubleshooting Configuration Errors Troubleshooting the ControlPoint Application Interface Troubleshooting Discovery Troubleshooting SharePoint Users and Permissions Troubleshooting Site Provisioning Troubleshooting ControlPoint Operations

Activity Analysis Requests Column Only Shows 0's for Users and Requests


Activity Analysis results always show only 0's in the Avg. Users per Day and Requests columns.

Possible Reason

If analysis results show 0's for all sites within a Web application which you know has had activity, it may be that the Web application uses cross-farm Service Applications that has been created on a different farm that the one on which ControlPoint is installed (which, by default, means that activity data is inaccessible to ControlPoint).  

Contact Quest Support for instructions on configuring ControlPoint to access activity data from cross-farm Service Applications.

Number of Lists in Storage Analysis Results Does not Match Number Displayed in SharePoint Hierarchy


The number of lists reported in a Content Database Storage or Site Lists and Libraries Storage analysis is greater than the number that appear in the SharePoint Hierarchy.


Storage analysis results include hidden lists (such as Master Page Gallery, Reporting Metadata, and User Information), which are not shown in the SharePoint Hierarchy.

Storage Information Reported by ControlPoint is Different than What's Reported by SharePoint


ControlPoint Storage analysis results show different values for content size and % of quota than those shown on the SharePoint Site Collection Usage Summary and Storage Space Allocation pages.


In calculating results for storage analyses (including the Farm Summary Report), ControlPoint determines the size of a site by including:

·size of documents, including all versions

·document metadata, including metadata for all versions

·list content

·recycle bin size

·Web Part size, including any personalization to the web parts on the page.

SharePoint uses a proprietary algorithm to calculate size and determine % of quota, which may differ from the algorithm used by ControlPoint.

No User Profile Application available to service the request


An attempt was made to run a ControlPoint analysis based on a SharePoint User Profile property, and the following message displayed in the header before the analysis finished processing:

No User Profile Application available to service the request.  Contact your farm administrator.

Possible reason

·A SharePoint User Profile Service Application is not associated with one or more Web applications within the scope of the analysis


·The ControlPoint Service account does not have permissions to access the User Profile Service application.

NOTE:  The ControlPoint Administration Log (xcAdmin.log) identifies the Web application(s) for which the User Profile Service application was unavailable.


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