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ControlPoint 8.9 - Administration Guide

Preface Configuring the Environment in Which ControlPoint Will Run The ControlPoint Configuration Site Managing Your Farm List Managing Your ControlPoint License Granting ControlPoint Access to Web Applications and Content Databases Using Discovery to Collect Information for the ControlPoint Database Cache Using Sensitive Content Manager Services Managing ControlPoint Configuration and Permissions Preparing Your Environment for Using ControlPoint Sentinel Modifying ControlPoint Configuration Settings
Changing Default Settings for Actions and Analyses Changing Default Settings to Improve Application Performance Audit Log Configuration Settings Changing Settings for Anomalous Activity Detection Restricting Functionality for Members of the Business Administrators Group Changing Default Settings for ControlPoint User Groups Changing Settings to Improve Discovery Performance Changing Settings to Accommodate Special Environmental Factors Changing Default Settings for Navigation Changing Default Settings for Compliance Managing Site Provisioning Settings Specifying Global Settings for ControlPoint Policies Setting Preferences for the ControlPoint Scheduler Miscellaneous and Custom Configuration Settings Special-Purpose Configuration Settings
Changing Trace Switch Logging Levels Archiving SharePoint Audit Log Data Troubleshooting
ControlPoint Log Files Troubleshooting Configuration Errors Troubleshooting the ControlPoint Application Interface Troubleshooting Discovery Troubleshooting SharePoint Users and Permissions Troubleshooting Site Provisioning Troubleshooting ControlPoint Operations

Changing the Archive Audit Log Process Interval (Optional)

By default, the archive audit log utility processes one hour’s worth of audit log data at a time.  Generally, it is recommended that you keep the default setting, especially if you have a large amount of data to be archived, as the more data that is archived at one time the greater the demand on server resources.

ControlPoint Application Administrators can, however, increase the number of hours’ worth of data that is processed at one time by changing the Value of the ControlPoint Configuration Setting Archive Audit Log Process Interval.

Config Setting ArchiveAuditLogProcessInterval


This troubleshooting guide:

·identifies where to find log files that can be used to help diagnose issues you may be experiencing with ControlPoint, and

·describes some common issues that you may encounter when using ControlPoint and suggestions on how to resolve them.

Note that the this guide is by no means exhaustive.  Factors unique to your environment, such as the size, configuration, and complexity of your SharePoint farm as well as interactions between SharePoint, ControlPoint, other applications and processes, may also need to be taken into consideration.

ControlPoint Log Files

There are a number of log files that can help in troubleshooting ControlPoint issues.

NOTE:  If you cannot diagnose your issue using the information in this guide and need to contact Quest Technical Support, have any applicable log file(s) readily available to help the Technical Support Specialist better assist you.

ControlPoint Web Config File (web.config)


·is the configuration file for the Web application that hosts the ControlPoint Configuration Site Collection, and

·is located in the in the following SharePoint hive subdirectory: \TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\Axceler.

Note that any changes to the web.config file will cause a restart of the application pool for the Web application that hosts ControlPoint Configuration Site Collection.


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