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Benefits of Renewing Support

Renew your support agreement before it expires. Contact a Support Renewal representative today to continue protecting your Quest investment.

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How Renewing Your Maintenance and Support Saves Time and Delivers More Value

Renewing and maintaining your Quest support agreement is the easiest and most cost effective way of protecting your product investment. An active maintenance agreement ensures uninterrupted access to product notifications and the latest upgrades, downloads and fixes/patches; skilled support professionals by phone, chat and online; and an extensive knowledge base of known solutions and self-help capabilities to keep pace with the demands of your IT and business users. You’ll avoid costly outages and loss of productivity and time, giving you the ability to focus on more strategic business objectives.

Keeps your solutions up-to-date

As technology advances, the number of critical software and firmware releases, security patches and regulatory compliance updates increase. Software, hardware and cloud application features are continually added or enhanced as systems evolve, so you need to ensure your solution can keep up with the ever-changing technology environment.

Your up-to-date maintenance agreement:

  • Allows you to keep your product current as new product versions are released
  • Improves productivity by utilizing the latest technology
  • Ensures you have the latest security updates to protect your network from new viruses, worms and other forms of malware
  • Helps you avoid the hassle and the cost of purchasing new releases as they become available
  • Allows your business to more accurately budget for product acquisitions and reduce unnecessary migration expenses
  • Gives you 24x7 access to our Quest Support Portal where you can create and manage service requests, download new product releases and updates, and search for answers using our growing Knowledge Base of more than 100,000 solutions, FAQs, how-to guides, videos, and discussion forum postings.

Upgrading your maintenance

If at any time, your business demands a higher level of service, we can help you find a service that better fits your requirements.

You have the option of upgrading to Premier Support, which is designed for complex environments that require a closer day-to-day relationship with our support team. Refer to the Support Offerings tab for more information. You may also want to consider a multi-year maintenance agreement to protect your investment with long term, uninterrupted access to all the features you currently enjoy with your current agreement, while offering price protection by eliminating annual maintenance uplifts during the multi-year maintenance agreement.

Commitment to customer satisfaction

Quest Support provides expert technical assistance worldwide through highly experienced professionals committed to customer satisfaction. Our highly skilled support engineers have comprehensive knowledge of our extensive portfolio of software, appliances and cloud services. Whether your product issue is big or small, your Quest Support engineer will work with you to resolve your problem quickly and efficiently. We also recognize that excellence in customer support goes beyond just providing technical answers. Our goal is to give you the most positive user experience by providing you with the most robust self-service tools to quickly, efficiently and independently find answers to most questions right at your fingertips.

Different support levels to suit your unique needs

Quest Support accommodates connected solutions by providing a comprehensive support plan to suit any business organization. Whether there is an issue with software, the hardware part of an appliance solution or one of our cloud-delivered technologies, our support engineers will collectively work to resolve the issue quickly and effectively. We recognize how important our products are to your business environment, and we strive to help you maximize your software investment by offering a wide range of global services to accommodate the varying needs of your organization.

For more information, about the different services we provide, please visit our Support Offerings.

Quest Continuing Support (PDF)

Support FeaturesStandard Support24x7 SupportPremier Support1
Maximum response time for Severity Level 1 issues1 Hour1 Hour30 minutes
Technical support coverageLocal Hours24x7224x72
Appliance Warranty3NBD PartsNBD or 4 Hr Parts & Labor4 4 Hr Parts & Labor 4
Online forums, documents, videos and Knowledge Base
Online service request management
Basic how-to and trouble shooting assistance
Latest software/firmware upgrades
Phone support
Email support
Chat support4
Keep your hard drive
Direct access to senior support engineers
Designated Technical Account Manager  
Faster response times, escalation and resolution                 
Proactive product updates and knowledge sharing
Monthly review calls and status reports
Single point of accountability to engage Quest resources
Onboarding assistance, enablement and product adoption
Proactive prevention of issues and mitigation of risk

Support is provided in English with local language accommodated when possible.
There are some products that require 24x7 Support. See your sales account representative for details
1 Not available on all products. Contact your sales representative for details.
For severity Level 1 issues only. Support calls will be handled by regional support teams during local business hours, and managed by the global support queue outside those hours.
3 For applicable solutions. Warranty support available up to 5 years from date of purchase.
4 Where available. Not available on all products and regions.

Why is it important to renew before my maintenance expires?
A renewal prior to expiration ensures continuous maintenance services and avoids additional fees when lapsed on support

What happens if I don’t want to renew my maintenance?
If your maintenance lapses, you will not have access to technical support or the use of our valuable Quest Support Portal where you can find software version downloads and a self-service knowledge base on our products. The downloads are inclusive of past, current and future versions of the product as well as bug fixes/patches.

Why do I have to pay back maintenance fees if I lapse on support?
During any period of maintenance lapse, we continue to invest in product R&D to provide upgrades/newer versions. When you reinstate your maintenance, you receive the benefit of the developments that took place during the lapsed period.

What is the reinstatement fee? 
This is a late fee for contracts that were not renewed prior to their expiration date.

I didn't use technical support last year. Do I need to pay for service this year?
Customer's support needs vary from year to year. There may be one year where they need little support, and another where they need more than their annual fee may cover. In either case, we are available and support them for their annual maintenance fee. Quest staffs technical support engineers based on the number of contracts in place to ensure we are available when the customer does need us.

Why is it important to stay current on support? Can’t I just pay as needed for technical support?
No. You can never predict when you will need support. A current maintenance contract ensures that support services are available if and when you do actually need them. Remember that a current support contract not only provides you with technical support, but you also continue to receive all the patches/fixes, updates and new versions of your software product.

Can I renew just the maintenance and not support?
No. Your maintenance and support are combined under your contract.

Can I do a partial maintenance renewal for my licensed product?
No. You must purchase maintenance for all copies of each licensed product or none at all for that product. You may not cancel maintenance on a subset of licenses to reduce maintenance fees.

Why does support start at the time of invoicing and not at the time of installation?
As soon as you are invoiced, you are eligible to begin use of your product. We do not know when actual implementation will occur, and we want to ensure your services are available when you purchase the product.

What happens if I don’t renew? Can I still use my license?
Perpetual license customers will continue to be able to use the then-current version of their licensed software. However without a current maintenance contract in place, you will not have access to technical support, you will not be able to download the latest version of patches and fixes from our support site, you will not be able to transfer the license to another host/machine, you will not be able to download for reinstall purposes and you will not be able to request new product keys. Should you need support moving forward, you will need to contact us to reinstate your support maintenance contract and will incur the associated back maintenance fees.