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Download Foglight Management Server Server Installation - Windows x86_64 (Please see description for important upgrade information)

Upgrade Caution:

If you are using Foglight for Real User Experience, then DO NOT apply this upgrade on a server hosted FMS. Foglight for Real User 5.9.10 will support a server hosted FMS version no higher than version This warning supersedes what the APM and/or FMS release notes may say. This is due to the software issue FAPM-2050 discussed in solution SOL231499 in our Knowledge Base.

When you wish to upgrade your FMS to version, ensure you have first upgraded your APM for Real User Experience to version 5.9.11 (to be released in mid August 2017).

Compatibility Note:

The Foglight cartridges for SQL Server, Oracle, and DB2 are not compatible with the FMS.

A full Foglight installation requires a Foglight Management Server, the agent management software, plus one or more cartridges for monitoring different domains. Please see the Release Notes for details on what's new in this release, resolved issues and enhancements, known issues, upgrade and compatibility issues, system requirements, global operations and details on how to contact Quest support.

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