Download Quest VROOM Windows (64-bit) Deployment with vApp

Welcome to Quest VROOM.

The download contains the core of Quest VROOM that will allow you to protect and manage your virtual environment. To enable protection, monitoring and management outside of virtualization Quest VROOM provides access to the full entitlements of Rapid Recovery and Foglight for Virtualization Enterprise Edition licenses.

To access additional components and access to support for either Rapid Recovery or Foglight for Virtualization Enterprise Edition navigate to:
Rapid Recovery
Foglight for Virtualization Enterprise

To deploy Quest VROOM a dedicated server is required for Rapid Recovery deployed alongside the Foglight for Virtualization vApp.
Quick Start Guide

Rapid Recovery
Please refer to the current release notes for the most up-to-date details regarding supported platforms before deploying RR.
Rapid Recover Sizing Guide
• Dedicated (physical) 64-bit Windows server that only hosts Rapid Recovery.
• 8GB RAM or more
• Quad-core or higher CPU
• DAS or SAN storage to be used as backup data repository. (NAS storage is an option for a repository of <= 6TB).
• 1 x GbE.
• Microsoft .NET framework - downloaded here.

Foglight for Virtualization Enterprise Edition vApp for up to 1000 Virtual Machines

Foglight for Virtualization Enterprise Edition virtual appliance consists of two virtual machines and is installed on a VMware vSphere platform. The two virtual machines that makeup the Foglight-FVE virtual appliance are named FMS and DBS. Minimum system requirements to install Foglight include:
• vSphere 5.0 or later.
• 12GB RAM for FMS and 4GB of RAM for DBS or more.
• Two vCPUs for FMS and two vCPU’s for DBS.
• 10GB & 40GB virtual disks for FMS and 10GB, 10GB, and 40GB virtual disks for DBS.

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