Download Privilege Manager (for Windows) 4.0 Client and Console Installer

Must read:
Please see KB article 262298 for important information before running installation or upgrade.

Giving users administrator rights creates security risks but must be weighed against constant help desk calls for basic operations like updating Adobe Reader, Java, or simply changing the time zone on desktops.

The Privilege Manager Client, installed via PAClient.msi, is a service that runs on each client. It applies the rules created in the Privilege Manager Console by monitoring processes as they are launched on the client and elevates or lowers the privileges for processes that are configured to be monitored.

The Privilege Manager Console, installed via PAConsole_Pro.msi, is a management application. It is installed on a domain computer (server/workstation) and is used to create and manage rules within the Group Policy.

Important Note: This new release of Privilege Manager (formerly Privilege Authority) requires a new license key. Please obtain the new key before installing this release. To obtain a new key, please refer to the License Key Upgrade page. If you are not aware of your License/Serial Number for the upgrade, refer to the Privilege Manager 3.0 License Utility. If you have any questions concerning your license keys, please contact our Licensing Department.

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