Download Foglight Experience Viewer (FxV) 5.6.6-patch 10 for solution 179589

For details, please see included release notes as well as solution SOL179589 in our Knowledge.

This patch addresses the following new issues:
FXV-565 Fixed issue where the support bundle did not include the server thread dump (since the FxV-5.6.6-patch8.x86_64.runx patch).
FXV-563 Fixed issue where the FxV Server had a weak ephemeral Diffie-Hellman public key.
FXV-560 Disabled login shells for locked system accounts.
FXV-559 Implemented protection against specific types of network attacks.
FXV-557 Restricted the access to the system console.
FXV-554 Updated Java to version 7u79.
FXV-550 Updated Apache Tomcat to version 7.0.63.
FXV-548 Applied recent SLES security updates.

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