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SharePlex Manager 3.0 - Installation Guide

Login to SharePlex Manager

When you start the Foglight server for the first time after installing SharePlex Manager, SharePlex Manager automatically creates two Foglight user accounts named SharePlexMgr and SPOMgrAdmin and adds them to a new user group named SharePlex Manager.

SharePlexMgr is a basic default user account that has all the rights associated with Foglight User. and is configured with the following security rights:

Until the SharePlexMgr account is granted permissions on a particular stream, the Administration link on the Replication Overview window is deactivated.

SPOMgrAdmin is a default administrator account and is configured with the following security rights:

Does not belong to the Foglight user group Cartridge Developers, which means SPOMgrAdmin is not allowed to modify monitoring screens.

As a Foglight administrator, SPOMgrAdmin can modify the security rights of other users (including itself) and can also create additional SharePlex Manager user accounts and user groups as needed. For more information, see your Foglight documentation.

If you are logging in as SharePlexMgr, enter SharePlexMgr as both the user name and password. If you are logging in as SPOMgrAdmin, enter SPOMgrAdmin as both the user name and password.
Click Login.

Setup stunnel for a SharePlex Instance with SSL Enabled

SharePlex 9.1.3 (or later) allows you to use SSL/TLS connections for all network traffic. If you want to use SharePlex Manager to monitor an instance of SharePlex in which SSL/TLS is enabled, you can use stunnel. Setup and configure stunnel using the following procedure.

Before installing and configuring stunnel, review the following important details:

For every unique encrypted/secured SharePlex instance port number, a config section must be defined in stunnel.conf that maps between the “accept” port and a SharePlex “connect” port.
SharePlex Manager discovery or setup to a secured SharePlex instance must use the “accept” port defined in stunnel.conf as the port number and not the encrypted/secured SharePlex instance port number.
In the stunnel.conf file, include the following values for the paths to the certificate and the process ID file and the ports.
Create or copy a valid stunnel.pem SSL certificate to the installation directory (C:\Program Files\stunnel\stunnel.pem)
Edit the stunnel.conf file in the installation directory (C:\Program Files\stunnel\stunnel.conf).
Configure stunnel to start automatically as a service by navigating to the Start menu and opening the stunnel folder. Then click Service Install.

Uninstalling SharePlex Manager

For detailed instructions, see Foglight Installation and Setup Guide.
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