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SharePlex Manager 3.0 - Installation Guide

System Requirements

For a complete list of SharePlex Manager 3.0 system requirements, see SharePlex Manager Release Notes.

For a complete list of Foglight 5.9.2 system requirements, see Foglight Installation and Setup Guide.

Upgrading SharePlex Manager

If you have SharePlex Manager version 2.2 installed and want to upgrade to version 3.0, back up your Foglight 5.5.8 server and database, stop SharePlex Web Services (if running) and then follow the installation instructions as described in this document.

If upgrading from Foglight, you must upgrade to Foglight before you can upgrade to Foglight 5.9.2.

Upgrade Foglight to Foglight

Copy the SharePlex Manager 3.0 cartridge (SharePlexManager_<version>.car) to the Foglight host machine or a local folder accessible by your web browser.
Select a method (File on Local Computer or File on Server) to select the SharePlex_<version>.car cartridge file to be installed.
Click Install Cartridge.

Installing SharePlex Manager

For Windows -
For Linux - SharePlexManager-3_0_0-linux-ia32.tar
For Windows, open
tar xfv SharePlexManager-3_0_0-linux-ia32.tar
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