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SharePlex Manager 3.0 - Installation Guide

Download the SharePlex Manager Installer

For Windows -
For Linux - SharePlexManager-3_0_0-linux-ia32.tar
For Windows, open
tar xfv SharePlexManager-3_0_0-linux-ia32.tar

Install Foglight 5.9.2

If you are upgrading from SharePlex Manager version 2.2 to version 3.0, it is strongly recommended that you back up your Foglight 5.5.8 server and database before attempting to upgrade it to version 5.9.2. If upgrading from Foglight, you must upgrade to Foglight before you can upgrade to Foglight 5.9.2. For upgrade instructions, see “Upgrade Foglight to Foglight” on page 3.

Start the installation process by initiating the appropriate executable file located in the FoglightManagementServer-5.9.2 directory of the SharePlex Manager install media.
Follow the installation instructions provided in the appropriate Foglight Installation Guide located in the FoglightServer-5_9_2\Documentation directory of the SharePlex Manager install media.
At the end of a standard install, the Foglight server is started automatically. You must shut down the server before installing SharePlex Manager, either by selecting the Stop Foglight option on the Start Menu (for Windows) or by executing the shutdown script (for Linux) located in the bin directory,

Install SharePlex Manager 3.0

You can run the SharePlex Manager installer in either GUI mode or in console mode (Linux only). The instructions in this guide are based on a GUI installation. However, since the sequence of steps are the same, you can still perform a console installation by following these instructions. The only differences are operational. For example, in GUI mode you click Cancel, Previous, and Next, while in console mode you type ‘quit’ and ‘back’ and press <Enter>.

Windows - SharePlexManager-3_0_0-install-windows.exe
Linux - SharePlexManager-3_0_0-install-linux-ia32.bin
Click Next.
Click Next.
Click Next.
Click Next.
Click Next.
Click Install to continue.
Make sure you accept the pre-installation settings before clicking Install. The installer modifies the Foglight server, and these changes cannot be undone even if you click Cancel during the installation process.
Click Previous if you want to go back and change an installation setting
Select Start SharePlex Web Services Now to have the installer start SharePlex Web Services immediately
Select Not Now to start SharePlex Web Services yourself at a later time
Click Next.
If you selected the Start SharePlex Web Services Now option, the installer displays a warning messages if for any reason it is unable to start SharePlex Web Services. This may be because the port number you specified previously is unavailable. When this is the case, you will need to start SharePlex Web Services manually after you complete the installation and make the port available. See the next section for more information on starting SharePlex Web Services manually.
Click Done.

If you encounter an “Installer User Interface Mode Not Supported” error when attempting to run the installer in Windows, use one of the following workarounds.

Workaround 1:

Enter "SharePlexManager-<version_number>-install-windows.exe -i GUI" where version_number is the version of SharePlex Manager you are installing.

Workaround 2:

Select the Compatibility tab and select Run this program in compatibility mode for. Then select Windows 7.
Click Apply. Then click OK.


Starting SharePlex Web Services

SharePlex Web Services must be running to monitor your SharePlex instances. On Windows, SharePlex Web Services starts automatically at reboot. On Linux, you can start SharePlex Web Services manually, or you can configure it to start at reboot.

As a Windows NT service, SharePlex Web Services is configured to start automatically when the machine reboots. However, if it is necessary to start SharePlex Web Services manually (for example, due to a port conflict), you can start it manually in two ways:

By going to the Start menu and selecting All Programs>Quest Software>SharePlex Manager>Start SharePlex Web Services.
To stop SharePlex Web Services, select the Stop SharePlex Web Services option.
By executing the command web-services start from the web-services.bat file located in the <install_dir>\Webservices\bin directory.

After the installation is complete, you can start SharePlex Web Services manually, or you can configure it to start at reboot.

To stop SharePlex Web Services for Linux, execute
sh <install_dir>/Webservices/bin/ stop
. For Windows, close the window it is running in.
Create the file /etc/init.d/spo-web-services with the following content (assumes that Java is installed in the default <install_dir>/jre directory and the SharePlex Web Services is installed in <install_dir>/Webservices/bin):
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