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Enterprise Reporter 3.2.1 - Configuration Manager User Guide

Product Overview Configuring the Configuration Manager
Starting the Configuration Manager Finding Answers and Getting Help An Overview of Enterprise Reporter Communications and Credentials Required Logged In User Details Setting Up Your First Collection Computers Modifying your Deployment Improving the Performance of Your Discoveries What does the status of a node or cluster indicate? Using the Credential Manager Changing the Credentials used by the Enterprise Reporter Server Configuring Global Settings Global Discovery Settings
Understanding Discoveries Creating Discoveries
Step 1. Create the Discovery Step 2. Choose what to include in your discovery (Scopes) Step 2a. Choose scopes for your discoveries
Choosing your Active Directory Scopes Choosing your Computer Scopes Choosing Your Exchange Scopes Choosing Your File Storage Analysis Scopes Choosing Your Microsoft SQL Scopes Choosing Your NTFS Scopes Choosing Your Registry Scopes
Step 2b: Choose scopes for your Office 365 discoveries Step 3. Schedule your Discovery Step 4: Review the summary
Managing Discoveries Troubleshooting Issues with Enterprise Reporter Appendix: PowerShell cmdlets Appendix: Encryption Key Manager Appendix: Log Viewer

Deleting a Discovery

You can only delete a discovery when there are no tasks currently running. Deleting a discovery does not delete any previously collected data. If the last run status is processing, you must wait until it is finished before you can delete the discovery. Alternatively, you can cancel the running tasks in the discovery, or cancel the discovery, and then delete it. For more information, see Canceling a Task or Discovery .

Click Discovery Management | Manage Discoveries.
Click Delete.
Click Yes to confirm.

Troubleshooting Issues with Enterprise Reporter

Problems Opening the Consoles

If you have UAC enabled, ensure that you have Administrator permission to open the console at an elevated level.

To open a console, you must be assigned one of the Enterprise Reporter roles.
Technical Documentation. 

For more information, see Role Based Security in Enterprise Reporter.

If you are unable to log into the Configuration Manager, verify the type of groups you have selected during installation and how you are adding accounts to those groups to give them access to Enterprise Reporter.

Technical Documentation. 

For more information, see Configuring the Database and Security Groups.

Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues

Each console maintains connections to the Enterprise Reporter server and to the SQL Server® database that stores Enterprise Reporter data. A loss of either connection causes problems. Figure 6 outlines the connections between the components and the server and database.

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