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Benchmark Factory for Database 9.0 - User Guide

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Performance Counters

Performance counters keep track of statistics during test execution. By default the following performance counters are recorded when a job executes, even though they do not display in the Performance Counter tab for a connection or job.

  • BPS
  • RPS
  • TPS

You can add performance counters to a connection or a job.

To add performance counters to a connection

  1. In the New Connection dialog when creating a new connection (or the Connection dialog for an existing connection), select the Performance Counters tab.
  2. To add a new counter, click .
  3. Select a computer from the drop-down list.
  4. To display counters, expand an object node by clicking the node's down-arrow.
  5. Select one or more counters and click Add.
  6. When you have finished adding counters, click Close to close the Browse Performance Counters dialog.
  7. To delete a counter, select the counter and click .


Related Topics

Advanced Tab

Global Variables

From the global variable tab, you can add or delete the required variables.

To add a global variable

  1. Right-click to display the global variable dialog.

  1. Enter the name and value.

  1. Click Add.

The new global variable displays.


Use Global Search/Replace

Global Search and Replace allows you to search for and replace text from the selected item and all of its children.

To use Global Search/Replace

  1. In the Jobs View, right-click a test you wish to search and replace.
  2. Select Global Search/Replace. The Global Search and Replace dialog displays.
  3. Enter the desired parameter in Find What.
  4. Enter the desired parameter in Replace With.
  5. Check Match Case or Match Whole word if desired.
  6. Click Replace.


Save Job as BMF Script

You can save a job as a Benchmark Factory script.

To save a job as a BMF Script

  1. After creating and saving a job, select the job in the Jobs View pane and click Save, or select File | Save.
  2. Browse to and select a location in which to save the file.
  3. The job is saved as a .bfj file.


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