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vRanger 7.8 - User Guide

Introduction Configuring vRanger
Configuration overview Configuring vRanger through the Startup Wizard Configuring vRanger manually Supplemental instructions: additional repository types
Using vRanger Backup Restore Replicate VMs Reports Integrating and monitoring vRanger Using the vRanger Console vAPI Cmdlet details
Add-BackupGroupEntity Add-BackupJobTemplate Add-CIFSRepository Add-DdbReplicationRepository Add-DdbRepository Add-EsxHost Add-HypervCluster Add-HypervHost Add-HypervRestoreJobTemplate Add-NFSRepository Add-NVSDRepository Add-PhysicalMachine Add-RdaRepository Add-ReplicationJobTemplate Add-RestoreFromManifestJobTemplate Add-RestoreJobTemplate Add-VirtualAppforLinuxFLR Add-VirtualAppforLinuxFLRVA Add-VirtualCenter Disable-Job Dismount-LinuxVolume Enable-Job Get-AddressBook Get-BackupGroupEntity Get-CatalogSearchData Get-CatalogStatus Get-ConfigOption Get-Connection Get-CurrentTemplateVersionID Get-Datastore Get-GlobalTransportFailover Get-InventoryEntity Get-IsInventoryRefreshing Get-Job Get-JobTemplate Get-MonitorLog Get-Network Get-PhysicalMachineDiskMap Get-Repository Get-RepositoryJob Get-RepositorySavePoint Get-RestoreDiskMap Get-SavepointDisk Get-SavepointManifest Get-Savepoints Get-TransportFailover Get-VirtualApplianceConfig Get-VirtualApplianceDeploymentStatus Get-VirtualApplianceReconfigStatus Get-VirtualMachinesUnderInventory Get-VmDisk Get-VMDKVolume Install-VirtualAppliance Mount-LinuxVolume New-BackupFlag New-BackupGroupMember New-Daily Schedule New-EmailAddress New-IntervalSchedule New-MonthlySchedule New-ReplicationFlag New-RestoreFlag New-SMTPServer New-TransportConfiguration New-VirtualAppliance New-WeeklySchedule New-YearlySchedule Remove-AllMount Remove-BackupGroupEntity Remove-BackupGroupMember Remove-Catalog Remove-DdbStorageUnit Remove-JobTemplate Remove-LinuxVolume Remove-Repository Remove-SavePoint Remove-VirtualAppliance Remove-VirtualApplianceConfiguration Run-JobsNow Run-ReplicationFailover Run-ResumeReplicationFailover Run-TestReplicationFailover Set-Cataloging Set-CBTonVM Set-LinuxVolume Set-MountPath Set-Resources Stop-vRangerJob Update-BackupJobTemplate Update-GlobalTransportFailover Update-HypervRestoreJobTemplate Update-Inventory Update-ReplicationJobTemplate Update-RestoreJobTemplate Update-VirtualAppliance Update-VirtualApplianceConfiguration
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vAPI Cmdlet details > Set-Resources

Set-Resources [[‑NumberTasksVRanger] <Int>] [[‑NumberTasksLUN] <Int>] [[‑NumberTasksHost] <Int>] [[‑NumberTasksRepository] <Int>] [[‑NumberTasksLocal] <Int>] [[‑Timeout] <Int>] [[‑MinimumSpaceHost] <Int>] [[‑NumberTasksVA] <Int>] [<CommonParameters>]
NumberTasksVRanger [<Int>]: Maximum number of tasks running on vRanger (>=1).
NumberTasksLUN [<Int>]: Maximum number of tasks running off a LUN — 1 to 5.
NumberTasksHost [<Int>]: Maximum number of tasks running on a host — 1 to 4.
NumberTasksRepository [<Int>]: Maximum number of tasks running per Repository — >=1.
NumberTasksLocal [<Int>]: Maximum number of tasks running locally — 1 to 20.
Timeout [<Int>]: Task Timeout in hours — 1 to 999.
MinimumSpaceHost [<Int>]: Minimum space needed on host (GBs).
NumberTasksVA [<Int>]: Maximum number of tasks running on a VA — 1 to 8.
<CommonParameters>: This cmdlet supports the common parameters: ‑Verbose, ‑Debug, ‑ErrorAction, ‑ErrorVariable, and ‑OutVariable. For more information, type: "get-help about_commonparameters"


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vAPI Cmdlet details > Stop-vRangerJob

Stop-vRangerJob [‑JobID] <String> [<CommonParameters>]
JobID <String>: Job ID for which to cancel job.
<CommonParameters>: This cmdlet supports the common parameters: ‑Verbose, ‑Debug, ‑ErrorAction, ‑ErrorVariable, and ‑OutVariable. For more information, type: "get-help about_commonparameters"
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vAPI Cmdlet details > Update-BackupJobTemplate

Update-BackupJobTemplate [‑JobTemplate] <BackupJobTemplate> [[‑JobName] <String>] [[‑JobDescription] <String>] [[‑ExcludedVMList] <String>] [[‑IncludedDiskList] <String>] [[‑TargetRepository] <Repository>] [[‑JobSchedule] <Schedule>] [[‑Flags] <NoFlags | BackupPoweredOnOnly | CheckDestinationFreeSpace | UseCompression | UpdateNotes | EnableGuestQuiescing | EnableABM | UseFiber | PerformNetworkBackupOnFailure | UseCataloging | AllFlags>] [[‑NumberOfSavePoints] <Int>] [[‑SpaceSavingTechnologyTypeFlag] <None | Incremental | Differential>] [[‑SpaceSavingCountThreshold] <Int>] [[‑SpaceSavingPercentSizeThreshold] <Int>] [[‑NotificationList] <String>] [[‑RunJobNow] <Boolean>] [[‑TransportConfiguration] <TransportConfiguration>] [<CommonParameters>]
JobTemplate <BackupJobTemplate>: Existing job template.
JobName [<String>]: Job name.
JobDescription [<String>]: Job description.
ExcludedVMList [<String>]: List of VMs to exclude from this job.
IncludedDiskList [<String>]: List of virtual disks to include in this job.
TargetRepository [<Repository>]: Repository where the backups are to be stored.
JobSchedule [<Schedule>]: Schedule on which the job runs.
Flags [<Nullable`1>]: Backup flags.
NumberOfSavePoints [<String>]: Max number of savepoints to store before older ones are removed.
SpaceSavingTechnologyTypeFlag [<String>]: Space saving technology to use: differential, incremental, or none.
SpaceSavingCountThreshold [<String>]: The number to save before performing a full backup.
SpaceSavingPercentSizeThreshold [<String>]: The size to allow as a % of the VM hard disk file before performing a differential backup.
NotificationList [<String>]: Email notification list for the job.
RunJobNow [<Boolean>]: Whether to run the job now.
TransportConfiguration [<TransportConfiguration>]: The transport configuration options to use for this job.
FullBackupSchedule [<List~1>]: The days to perform a full backup.
<CommonParameters>: This cmdlet supports the common parameters: ‑Verbose, ‑Debug, ‑ErrorAction, ‑ErrorVariable, and ‑OutVariable. For more information, type: "get-help about_commonparameters".


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vAPI Cmdlet details > Update-GlobalTransportFailover

TransportFailover <String>: Transport Failover order separated by commas to be attempted until the task is successful. Valid types are VA-HotAdd and VA-Network.
<CommonParameters>: This cmdlet supports the common parameters: ‑Verbose, ‑Debug, ‑ErrorAction, ‑ErrorVariable, and ‑OutVariable. For more information, type: "get-help about_commonparameters"
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