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vRanger 7.8 - Integration Guide for NetVault SmartDisk

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Enabling or updating authentication for WebDAV access

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config --add|--update --webdav <port> [--block-size <bytes>]
[‑‑preferred-address <address>] [--credentials]
Replace <port#> with the port that you are using.
When the Username prompt appears, enter the user name that should be used for access, and press Enter.
When the Password prompt appears, enter the password associated with the specified user name, press Enter, enter the password again when the Confirm Password prompt appears, and press Enter again.

Verifying that the client ports are open

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In the following examples, replace <port#> with the applicable port number, and replace <hostName> with the IP address of the machine on which NetVault SmartDisk is installed.

NetVault SmartDisk CLI: an overview

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Configuring NetVault SmartDisk > NetVault SmartDisk CLI: an overview

IMPORTANT: If you are using NetVault SmartDisk on Windows Server® 2008, Windows® Vista, or Windows 7, use a Run as Administrator command prompt to run the CLI commands. If you use a standard command prompt, you might receive an Access Denied message, even if you have administrator privileges.
Click Start > Run.
In the Run dialog box, type cmd, and press Ctrl+Shift+Enter.
The Administrator Command Prompt appears.

Accessing command help

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