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vRanger 7.8.5 - Integration Guide for DR Series Disk Backup Appliance

Getting started Understanding the Quest DR Series Installing and configuring your Quest DR Series Installing vRanger Maintaining your DR Series appliance

Initializing the DR Series

Before you can start using the DR Series system GUI for the first time, you must properly initialize the system. To initialize the DR Series system, complete the following:

Configure your system network settings using the Initial System Configuration Wizard.
This wizard lets you configure the following network settings to complete a first-time initialization of your system:

Configuring local console connections

To configure a local console connection, you must make the following two back chassis cable connections:

IMPORTANT: For more information, including port diagrams, see the Quest DR Series System Administrator Guide.

Configuring the iDRAC connection

The iDRAC connection requires a network connection between the integrated Quest Remote Access Control (iDRAC) management port on the DR Series system and another computer running the iDRAC remote console session in a supported browser. The iDRAC provides remote console redirection, power control, and the out-of-band (OOB) system management functions for the DR Series system. iDRAC connections are configured using console redirection and the iDRAC6/7 web interface. The login values you can use for making iDRAC connections are:

When the Quest DR Series System splash screen is displayed, you are ready to begin initialization using the DR Series system CLI login process.

Logging in and initializing the DR Series

Use the DR Series system CLI and the Initial System Configuration Wizard to log in to and initialize the system. After completing a local console or iDRAC connection, log in to the DR Series system CLI:

At the login as: prompt, type administrator, and press Enter.
At the administrator@<system_name> password: prompt, type the default administrator password, St0r@ge!, and press Enter.
To configure the network settings, type y (for yes), and press Enter.
At the prompt, type exit, and press Enter to end the DR Series system CLI session.
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