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vRanger 7.8.5 - Installation/Upgrade Guide

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Supported platforms

The following topics list the platforms and operating systems supported for backup, restore, and replication operations.

Supported vSphere versions

vRanger supports backup, restore, and replication operations against the following versions of VMware® Infrastructure:

VMware® ESXi™

VMware® vCenter™

VMware® vSphere® license

vRanger supports all vSphere editions except for the free versions of ESXi. The free versions do not provide the necessary APIs for vRanger to function.

Equivalent version support policy

In addition to what is listed in this document, vRanger supports VMware® versions where the following criteria have been met:

vRanger and VM snapshots

The vRanger backup and replication functionality requires the ability to create a snapshot. In certain circumstances, the creation of VM snapshots is not supported by VMware®. In these cases, backup and replication of these VMs or disks is not possible. Some common examples are:


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