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Toad Intelligence Central 5.3 - Release Notes

Install Toad Intelligence Central

Use the Toad Intelligence Central Server Installer to install the Intelligence Central server and the Web Server.

TIP: If installing on a virtual machine, see Use Virtual Disk (VMDK) in Virtual Machine Installation for additional information.

To install Toad Intelligence Central

  1. Run the Toad Intelligence Central Server Installer.
  2. Select to install Toad Intelligence Central.
  3. Agree to the license agreement.
  4. Provide details if connections to data sources outside your organization need to go through a proxy server.

    Field Description
    Proxy host address

    Type the DNS or IP address of the proxy server within your organization. HTTP and HTTPS secure proxy servers are supported.

    Proxy port number

    Type the port on which the proxy server operates. The standard proxy port number is 8080. Sometimes port 80 is used. Less commonly an entirely different port may be used.

  5. Make a note of the port numbers.

    Note: These port numbers can be modified during installation to resolve port conflicts on the target host. However, all three port numbers are reserved for Toad with the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority and the default values should be valid for most installations.

    Field Description Default
    Intelligence Central server Port number This port can be used by third party applications to connect to Toad Intelligence Central. All other applications should use the Application server port number to connect to Toad Intelligence Central. 3566
    Internal port number This is an internal port used by Toad Intelligence Central and should only be changed in the case of port number conflicts. 2166
    Application server port number

    Client applications use this port to connect to Toad Intelligence Central. Make sure you note down this port number. You will be required to enter this port number to connect Toad Data Point to Toad Intelligence Central.

    Web server port number

    Port 80 is reserved for the web port. During installation, you can change this if required.


    • The installer will let you know if there is a conflict in using the default port 80.
    • It is not advisable to install other web servers on the Toad Intelligence Central server host.
    • A port number other than 80 must be included in the web browser address as per http://hostName:port/.
    • Ensure the port is open for TCP inbound connection. Ensure the Windows firewall and any other firewalls affecting the Toad Intelligence Central server host allow access to the Web Server.
  6. Create a password to connect to Toad Intelligence Central. This is the administrator (root) password to the Intelligence Central server.
  7. Accept or change the installation folder (C:\Program Files\Quest Software\Toad Intelligence Central).

    If you change the installation folder be sure to document the new location. This folder is referred to in server maintenance.

  8. Accept or change the Data Files Folder (C:\ProgramData\Quest Software\Toad Intelligence Central).

    TIP: Ensure this folder has room to grow. All Toad Intelligence Central data will be stored in the ProgramData\Quest Software\Toad Intelligence Central\ folder and its subfolders. This folder will potentially grow quite large if lots of users publish lots of objects and take snapshots. You may choose to change the default folder location. For example, you may choose to direct the data files folder to a separate drive. If you do change the location of the data files folder be sure to document this as the data files folder is referred to in server maintenance. See Toad Intelligence Central Data Folder for more information.

  9. Click Install.

Note: Beginning with Toad Intelligence Central 4.3, the Admin Console is no longer required and is not included in the installation. If an earlier version of the Admin Console exists, it is recommended that you uninstall it.

Product registration is optional. Register as a Toad user to receive product news and updates. If you register at the time of installation, you can unsubscribe at:

Upon successful installation, the Intelligence Central server will run as three services that start automatically when Windows starts. Toad Intelligence Central services

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